About Advanced Biomarkers

Proactive Wellness Biomarker Assessment

How “fast” are you aging?


In order to personalize our approach to helping patients slow down and reverse the aging process it is necessary to understand how fast you are aging.  Our scientifically-validated biomarker assessments focus on helping to understand your physiological or biological age, which may be older or younger than your actual age.  Obviously, we desire to help patients lower their physiological age and we do this in part by understanding your present physiological age, the weak areas in your body and your risk factors for developing serious, chronic degenerative disease.


Our Biomarker Assessment focuses on the following areas:


·         Cognitive function

·         Cardiovascular health

·         Telomere length


Cognitive Function

How is your memory?  How well is your brain aging?  Our advanced computerized brain function test takes only 15 minutes but provides us with vital information that together with your clinical and stated history, helps to determine the present rate of aging of your brain, your risk for Alzheimer disease and other cognitive declines.


Cardiovascular health

We use advanced, noninvasive pulse wave analysis and CIMT imaging in combination with advanced cardiac lab testing from Cleveland Heart Lab and Berkeley Heart Lab to aid in the diagnosis of cardiac function and the health of the vasculature related to the heart function.  We offer our Advanced Cardiac Evaluation (ACE) that brings all of these data together to form a comprehensive and very advanced view of your cardiovascular health.  Click here to read more about ACE...


Telomere length

Telomeres are sections of DNA at the end of each chromosome that cap genetic material and serve as protective buffers that keep the ends of chromosomes from becoming attached to each other or rearranging. They are often compared to the caps at the ends of shoelaces. Every time a cell replicates, its telomere gets shorter, eventually causing cell death once the telomere attrition has reach its maximum. Measuring telomere length in human lymphocytes is an indicator of cellular aging, and research demonstrates that shortened telomeres are responsible for many of the normal processes of aging.



Patients interested in understanding their physiological age and optimizing their overall health will benefit from our Health Assurance Platinum Program.  Through this 12 month program, we provide initial and followup assessments in each of the above areas in addition to the areas covered in our standard programs.  Patients enrolled in this program will benefit from our continually evolving approach to the goal of preventive, personalized medicine. 


Success Stories

Doctor's Note
Patient (referral from another very successful patient) presented with inability to sleep, low energy and "weight-loss" resistance despite having a good diet and exercising. This patient has only been under my care for two weeks at this point and has already lost 10 pounds and many other improved clinical symptoms.
Patient Response
You are so great! I truly appreciate all you are doing for me. Phyllis and I are so fortunate to have found you.

TB - Pottstown, PA