PlaqueX– Alternative Treatment for Atherosclerosis


IV PlaqueX is used to reduce arterial plaque, lower LDL, increase HDL, improve EKGs, lower coronary calcium scores and overall reduce risk of major cardiac events due to placque blockage.

What is PlaqueX

PlaqueX is a special formulation of Phosphatidylcholine (PC) that has been studied for more than 70 years for multiple clinical applications including the reduction of arterial plaque.  PC is a biological substrate that contributes to cellular membrane structure and function. Because it’s architecture parallels that of the cell membrane, it is accepted by the membrane as a building block, incorporating itself into the cell’s structure.

Since PC is a naturally occurring substance, it has a great safety record with any significant side effects other than transient ones in a small number of subjects.

How is it administered

PlacqueX is administered by IV starting with a minimum of 20 treatments over a 10 week period.  Consistency is important for successful treatment.  There is a standard dose and an accelerated dose for severe cases. The accelerated dose is used in the second round of treatment.  Before and after treatment, Patient will be provided with imaging orders for a Coronary Calcium Score and an office-administered EKG as these studies will help to determine teh treatment baseline and treatment effectiveness.

What do the studies say?

  1. Plaquex reduces LDL Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels while it increases HDL Cholesterol levels.
  2. Elevated Triglyceride levels were treated and observed in 2734 patients. The extent of the reduction was dependent on the initial levels.  The mean reduction was a 25% drop
  3. An important factor in the development of athersclerosis is lipid peroxidation. A close relationship was found between lipid peroxidation and increased platelet aggregation. In vivo and in vitro studies show a decrease in lipid peroxidation parameters when PC is applied.
  4. Plaquex, through the activation of LCAT, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the membranes of platelets, thereby reducing their tendency to adhesion and aggregation. During a 14 day trial with 500 mg PC/day given as infusions, the reactive platelet aggregation was reduced by 60%.
  5. Plaquex increases the levels of Glutathione and Sodium Oxide Dismutase by increasing the enzymes in the cell membranes responsible for these antioxidants. It thereby combats lipid peroxidation and prevents alcohol induced liver fibrosis by inhibiting alcohol induced oxidative stress.
  6. Plaquex inhibits endocytosis in smooth muscle cells thereby preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaque
  7. The combination effects on lipids, LCAT, antioxidation, antiinflammation, inhibition of endocytosis, immune cell activation, reduced platelet aggregation and enhanced RBS deformability reduce atherosclerotic plaque deposits.
  8. Depending on the PC dosage and the duration of treatment, an improvement of EKG findings could be achieved in many cases. Among them they found a dose-related disappearance of S-T depressions and reversal of previously negative T-waves to positive. These favourable changes went along with symptomatic relief of sternocardiac symptoms. Exercise tolerance as tested on the bicycle ergometer improved. The phase until S-T depression occurred became longer, with the depressions themselves being less distinct.
  9. Other studies looked at the frequency of angina pectoris attacks and Nitroglycerine consumption. The investigations of  Almazov et al. included 34 male patients suffering from ischaemic heart disease and angina pectoris of stages III-IV.

    They received 500 mg/d of intravenous PC for a period of 14 days. 20 of the 34 patients reported an absence of anginal attacks already at the end of the first and beginning of the second week of treatment. The other 14 patients experienced a reduction of attacks from 8 to 10 per day to 1 to 3 attacks per day, with the severity decreasing as well.

  10. In a trial group of Almazov et al. the mean walking distance without stopping or having to use Nitroglycerine was increased from 30-50 meters to 3000 meters.

The data is pretty compelling. If you have a diagnosis of athersclerosis, or have angina or related symptoms, it may be time to have an Advanced Cardiac Evaluation done by Proactive Wellness Centers to help you determine your risk and to implement strategies to reduce plaque and your risk of a major cardiac event.


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Thank goodness I did not get that hysterectomy, huh? and thank goodness I came to you to start the bio-identical hormone therapy. I believe that the progesterone is working. And I’m so glad I’m not on the birth control pills anymore. BTW, haven’t had a period since September, and haven’t had any hot flashes either! Life is good.

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