Fees & Payment

Our office accepts e-checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payment information is taken at the time of appointment and processed approximately 48 hours prior to your appointment. We do not accept insurance for payment; however, we will provide you with a properly coded itemized receipt that includes the appropriate diagnostic and billing codes. Many insurance plans will cover part of the cost of office visits according to their out-of-network provider schedule and may cover some or all of the costs of diagnostic testing. NEW! As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer the CareCredit card, the nation’s leading patient payment program. With CareCredit you can finance 100% of your wellness program costs and there are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties. So, you can schedule your procedure today and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.

Refund Policy

Payments for initial visits that have occurred are not refundable. Generally, programs are non-cancellable for the stated term. In the event that Proactive agrees to cancel a program, none of the fees paid to the point of the cancellation are refundable. This is due to the fact that there is a significant amount of effort to create the individualized program and the initial prescriptions. Scheduled future payments will be cancelled if Proactive agrees to the cancellation.



Adrenal Essence™ is a comprehensive blend of standardized extracts of highest quality adaptogenic herbs and three relevant B vitamins. These ingredients support the body’s stress response by aiding in adrenal hormone production and assisting in stress adaptation. The formula is designed to reduce stress-induced fatigue and exhaustion, protect tissues from free radicals and may aid in stimulating the body’s immune system.

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