Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) — adjunctive therapy for chronic illness healing

PEMF is an acronym for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. PEMF therapy consists of a device which emits pulsed electro-magnetic fields. This energy courses through the body, directly to damaged or injured areas and causes accelerated hearing for many conditions.  The energy is particularly beneficial to areas experiencing chronic pain and inflammation.

The energy of the PEMF device passes through the cells in your body, amplifying the cellular energy. The increase in energy promotes a natural reaction that regenerates and enhances the efficiency of the cell’s function. This natural process stimulates healing and helps to improve your overall well-being.

Why would I need PEMF Therapy?

Have you ever used a battery-operated device that’s got an old, worn-out battery? When a battery is depleted or running on sub-optimal power, your device simply doesn’t perform all that well right? But when you replace or recharge those batteries, then like magic, your device runs smoothly, effectively, and powerfully once again.

All of the cells in our bodies are like its own tiny “battery”. And just like batteries that we know and understand, your cell’s “battery” can become depleted, causing the cell to underperform.   PEMF therapy is a simple yet powerful way to recharge, re-energize, and really supercharge your cellular energy. More specifically, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Devices pulse a magnetic field consistent with the Earth’s natural frequencies. This helps to restore restricted ion flow and stimulates the body’s regeneration process.  Following is a list of conditions that will likely benefit from PEMF therapy.  Most have research articles supporting the efficacy when used a mono therapy (alone) or in conjunction with other therapies.

Acute and Chronic Pain: Over the years PEMF Therapy has proven to be effective on both acute and chronic pain.  In response to the PEMF, the body generates micro currents which target the cell membrane modifying and restoring normal function to damaged cells.

Poor circulation: When PEMF Therapy is used, a magnetic pulse passes through the cell which enables the membrane to become charged. The cells then separate from each other which helps to promote proper circulation and an increase in cellular oxygen.

Insomnia: EMF therapy devices have proven to be the most effective in stimulating brainwave patterns to shift from disturbing patterns to patterns seen in normal sleep behavior.

Inflammation: PEMF Therapy helps to reduce the inflammation by charging the cells with a gentle electromagnetic pulse. Once charged, the cells then increase their oxygen carrying ability which promotes healing, reduces swelling and pain. The electromagnetic pulse that flows through the body stops the release of inflammatory mediators and increases blood flow.

Hypertension: PEMF increases plasma Nitric Oxide availability and improves BP at rest and during exercise.

What Does PEMF Therapy Do for the Body?

PEMF therapy transmits and infuses healing energy into your cells – allowing your cells to absorb that energy and utilize it to more effectively perform their duties. PEMF therapies have been proven to promote the body’s natural regeneration processes starting at the cellular level. This includes the regeneration of blood vessels, as well as healthier tissue, cells, and nerves.  PEMF promotes health through the following mechanisms of action.

  • Energy production
  • Waste removal
  • Repair and healing
  • Carrying out specialized cellular functions

Through the mentioned mechanisms of action, PEMF delivers the following specific benefits.

  • Accelerated healing
  • Better circulation
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced cognition and focus
  • Improved cellular regeneration
  • Increased quality and length of rejuvenating sleep
  • Reduction in pain – both acute and chronic

In summary,  PEMF works as a catalyst to enhance and promote your cell’s innate abilities thereby creating the impressive benefits that the therapy is known for.   And these health benefits are well-documented in multiple credible, well-run medical studies. , these claims are backed up by some robust scientific studies.  Here are a few of the key ones:

Is PEMF good for everyone?

While EMFs at higher levels contribute to illness for some patients, low-level EMFs – like those utilized in PEMF – mimic the healing frequencies of natural, EMFs that are found abundantly in nature from things like the earth, the sun, and your own cells. With that being said, even the beneficial, healing frequencies used in PEMF are not ideal for everyone. We do not recommend PEMF therapy if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • You have any implanted electrical devices: Transmitting PEMF waves into your body can potentially interfere with the functionality of certain implanted electrical devices like a cochlear implant, intrathecal pump, or pacemaker.
  • You’re pregnant: While it’s unlikely to be harmful, there have not been enough studies conducted on the application of PEMF during pregnancy to confirm whether or not it’s entirely safe – so we completely advise against PEMF therapy during pregnancy.
  • You’re undergoing active chemotherapy or cancer treatment: Because PEMF therapy can trigger cellular replication, it can potentially supercharge the function of your healthy cells right alongside cancerous cells. So if you’re actively undergoing chemotherapy or cancer treatment, we do not recommend PEMF therapy.
  • You have a bleeding or clotting disorder: PEMF can improve blood flow and circulation – potentially increasing your risk of bleeding if you have a pre-existing bleeding or clotting disorder.

Again, PEMF therapy is generally quite safe, but for the above conditions, it is contraindicated and we will not allow you to receive PEMF therapy at Proactive Wellness Centers if any of these apply to you.

PEMF Therapy Potential Side Effects.

Most people report feeling relaxed and refreshed after a PEMF therapy session. But because PEMF can have a distinct impact on how your cells are functioning, some patients, especially patients that are hypersensitive may report a slight worsening of symptoms before they see improvement.  This only applies to a very small percentage of patients.

Some of the side effects you could potentially experience for a short time after PEMF therapy include:

  • A temporary spike in pain: PEMF therapy stimulates your tissues and your nerves – meaning it can temporarily make chronic or underlying pain worse as it stimulates healing.
  • Skin irritation: The increased circulation induced by PEMF therapy can sometimes temporarily irritate sensitive skin.
  • Decreased blood pressure and/or heart rate: If you’re prone to low blood pressure or on medications that lower your blood pressure, the increased circulation triggered by PEMF may cause you to feel temporarily lightheaded or dizzy. Due to this, we will take your blood pressure before and after each PEMF session.
  • Fatigue or feeling ill: PEMF therapy can accelerate the release and removal of stored toxins – which can leave you feeling crummy as your body processes and eliminates them.

Most side effects that come with PEMF are quite minor and short-lived.

PEMF treatments are given in 20-30 minute sessions in our office.  For most conditions, patients several sessions over several weeks to see a meaningful acceleration in healing.  This is because it it is a regenerative process and it takes time for the body to execute the regenerative actions.

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Hi Lynese — Great news – seems a fibroid has disappeared! The ultrasound revealed only one fibroid this time, and it is just a little teensy bit smaller than before. So it hasn’t gotten any bigger at all. And the other fibroid didn’t show up on the ultrasound. smile

Thank goodness I did not get that hysterectomy, huh? and thank goodness I came to you to start the bio-identical hormone therapy. I believe that the progesterone is working. And I’m so glad I’m not on the birth control pills anymore. BTW, haven’t had a period since September, and haven’t had any hot flashes either! Life is good.

AK - Germantown, MD

Hi – hope you are doing well. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I’m getting there. I wanted to let you know I hit the 30 lb loss today!!! Yeah! So excited! Clothes that didn’t fit are fitting. Clothes I used to wear are too big. Feeling great! A little nervous about tomorrow’s feeding frenzy- but hoping to not overindulge too bad.

LJ - Arlington, VA

My update. I feel pretty good!!! My bleeding is under control and I am now regular for the most part. Sometimes I will have a strange menstral bleed (long and slow), but I will take it compared to my old “normal”. I still love the progesterone and testosterone I am on. They leave me with no side effects.

I was very happy at my recent (Feb 6th) annual doc appt (physical). After the standard blood draw work up, my numbers were:
Vitamin D= 66.9 (down a bit from your work up which was 77, but still good)
Cholesterol=123 (down from 150 in Sept 2011)
Triglycerides=91 (down from 129 in Sept 2011)

So… I am the new spokesperson for HCG! I love that stuff!! smile The second round for me was amazing. I was very disciplined and determined and after about the 3rd day, it become very easy for me. I was able to drop 14lbs in an 18 day cycle!!!! AND….I am keeping that off with very little effort! OMG I couldn’t be happier! I am in the body that I am comfortable in once again! That feels so good. I am continuing to eat clean and exercise, it is a great life change!

JG—Vienna, VA

June4, 2009. “Good morning! I have to tell you that I weigh 157… down from 191!!! OMG…thank you so much! I feel incredible!”

KB – Reston, VA

You are so great! I truly appreciate all you are doing for me. Phyllis and I are so fortunate to have found you.

TB - Pottstown, PA

“So far I have lost 30#’s in 6 weeks and have the energy of a 40 year old. Am so thankful to be able to handle unpacking and shelving 6000 books. I am up and down stepladders and extension ladders with books in tow. The awful arthritis pain is there but the energy isn’t depleted from the pain like before and I keep going like this for hours.”

LL - Winchester, VA

Hi Lynese – In an old file I found a print out from an online longevity calculator I had used in 2007 (www.eons.com). I thought I was doing well because it said I would likely live to 86! But I just re-took the survey. Basically by cutting out the coffee, carbs and sugar, increasing my exercise and losing weight, I’ve apparently added 13 years to my life!! The calculator now says I could live to be 99!! With a little more exercise and a little less work, I could live to 106!! Thanks for all the added years Lynese!!!

All the best.

P.S. – I saw Diane over the weekend – she’s looking great, and is so happy with her weight loss.

AP - Falls Church, VA

Dare I say it out loud? It sure is looking as though Semorelin has given me my life back. I was so worried about skiing – afraid I’d ski one day and be in bed the rest of the week. But I was just fine. This past Saturday I prepared, served, and cleaned up (with help) dinner for 14. Sunday I was just fine.

SJ - McLean, Virginia

Dear Lynese,

Words cannot describe how happy I am with your anti-aging program. I have not felt this good in YEARS. Since getting pregnant in 1995 I have been overweight. Between 1992-1995 I was being treated for infertility and had to take all sorts of hormones that made me bloated and tired.

Now, at the age of 46 I have more energy and I look better than I have in YEARS. I actually THRIVE on exercise and do it religiously because I know it is the key to keeping the weight off and enjoying the foods that I love.

As a successful businesswoman, you often feel that you can’t have everything and I put my weight and health on hold to grow my business. You have given me the gift of being able to run a business AND look good. I am getting so much attention for my weight loss and it has helped my confidence and self esteem greatly.Since I do a lot of speaking engagements, I know that image is more important than what you say or how you say it. By looking better and appearing fit and healthy, I am a more powerful public speaker!

I can’t say enough about this gift you have given me and I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

On top of all of this, you are truly a beautiful person inside and out who provides a level of caring I have never seen from a doctor, weight loss clinic or other health professional.

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KB - Reston VA

Hi Lynese – Just had to share this with you. I have appeared in an online newsletter (Legal Bisnow) twice – the first time a year ago and the second time today. Look at the difference in my photos!

It’s an absolute miracle! In the older photo even my eyelids look fat! I can’t get over how much I now look like my old self – of 20 years ago! I certainly don’t look like I’m closing in on 59, do I??

The best thing anyone has said to me so far was a comment made by a neighbor who saw me today for the first time in over a year. At first he didn’t recognize me. Then he just stared intently into my face for a few minutes and said “How is your mother?” (I was confused because he doesn’t know my mother). Then he said “I had to ask that because you look like your own daughter!” Wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

AP - Falls Church, VA

“With that said, I have been getting incredible compliments:
“You look like a movie star”
“What have you been doing”
“You look amazing”
“You look ten years younger”
I feel incredible”

KB - Reston, VA

Anyway – just had to tell you that my size 12 pants have been falling off of me! I went to Target this weekend to get some cheap crop pants and shorts for the summer – still not wanting to invest much in clothes that are not my “target” size. (I’ve blown past the size 14 shorts I couldn’t fit into for years). And wouldn’t you know – the 12s were too big – I fit best in the size 10!!

I’M A 10!!! I’m amazed!!

I broke the 170 barrier too – I’m now 168. Just 13 pounds to go to my goal weight. I can’t believe it. The meds have been working like a charm. I think the extra thyroid has really boosted me past a plateau. I’m cleaning out my closet like a madwoman; I can’t believe how much clothing I have for donations.

I’m still getting double takes and amazed looks from people who haven’t seen me for awhile. And after remarking how great I look, a girlfriend recently peered suspiciously at me and said – “And have you had something done to your face too? You look younger!” And I do!

AP - Falls Church, VA 6/2010

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