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Lyme disease has not gone away

Not very many people are talking about it these days, but it hasn't gone away. In fact, Lyme disease is spreading, so now is the time for a little refresher on how to protect yourself against it.

Brain health starts here

Though dementia mainly affects older adults, it’s not a part of normal aging. In other words, it doesn’t have to be your fate. Per the experts, there are actions you can take to reduce or avoid cognitive decline.

Stress: Don't go down that road

Don't let stress be the foundation for more serious ailments down the road.

Banish holiday bloat

If you find yourself bloated around this time of year, read on to learn some ways you can take control of your health. Feeling and looking your best year-round is possible with some planning and discipline. That said, here are some ways to beat the seasonal bloat:

Belly fat: much more than an aesthetic problem

If you are looking in the mirror and seeing belly fat, you should be more worried about the inside than the outside.

Not all online health information is created equal

The internet has democratized access to information but that's not always for the better. Misinformation and half-truths abound. If you find yourself unsure if what you read online is true, we’ve put together a helpful guide you can lean on when evaluating information:

Junk food: how it is going to kill you

There is a reason why the popular saying, "you are what you eat" exists, and the last thing you should be doing is feeding your body junk!

Eating well on a budget

Nutritious meals are commonly thought to be more expensive than junk food, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can achieve this goal by being more mindful of your choices. Consider the following four tips for healthy eating on a budget.

When it comes to fat, it's location, location, location

Not all fat is equal. Where it's located on your body may determine how much of a role it plays in boosting your risk for health problems.

#Goodvibesonly: How to make your house feel like a home

Your home life might be one context you hadn’t considered in the context of your larger health goals, but it does matter. Here's some food for thought:

Check out these 4 tips to naturally reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a natural defense response, but when it becomes chronic, we must work to reduce the occurrence of it in our body. Here are natural ways to do so.

Checking in: 5 habits to reconsider

Some bad habits can be hard to recognize, especially if we seem to do them on autopilot. You may not notice any deleterious effects right away, but over time they can really get in the way of our success. That said, here are a few practices to rethink and replace with healthier ones:

What can you do for your health in only seven minutes?

This high-intensity seven minute workout provides you with all the benefits of a day running and hitting the gym. The best part? It's backed by science.

Six natural ways to balance your hormones

Hormones are the chemical messengers of your body. They travel through your bloodstream, instructing different organs and tissues on what to do.

Protect yourself this summer

Summer is all fun and games...if you are properly protected from the sun! Sun protection goes much deeper than just the occasional use of sunscreen. This blog will give you all the details on protection yourself from the sun this summer!

Six reasons to love caffeine

Enjoy a morning cappuccino? A green tea? There are many health benefits to caffeine that go beyond waking you up. Here’s a look at a few of them, according to experts and the findings of research:

An inside look at chiropractic care and how it can help

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective method of care that relies on spinal manipulation and other related techniques to address neuromusculoskeletal complaints.

What chronic stress does to the body

From GI issues to allergy attacks, chronic stress can do a number on our bodies. Here we take a deep dive into this topic and explore what you can do to mitigate stress:

Not all supplements are created equal

Supplements are a part of our everyday lives, but not all are created equal. Don't just take a stab in the dark. We can help educate you on supplements.

Supercharge your diet with superfoods

Superfoods are a diverse group of nutrient-rich natural foods, which can have a positive effect on your body. Here's a look at a few of them and their benefits:

Has traditional medicine let you down?

Have you been dealing with chronic health issues for years? You're not alone. Here's a look at why traditional medicine is failing many patients — and why and how an alternative offers hope.

The power of meditation

Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress, anxiety and improve your overall health and well-being. And it's easy. Really. Here's how to get started:

How to get your insurance company to cover the mold damage in your home

You should always file mold damage with your insurance. But to make sure the damage is covered, follow these steps:

Are you sabotaging your gut health?

Gut health is crucial to your well-being. Are you sabotaging yourself?

Mindfulness - make it a daily habit

Mindfulness may seem trendy, but the truth is, it's been around for thousands of years. And people need it more than ever with the pandemic weighing heavily on a lot of us. Try these three ways to be more mindful today.

Aging secrets from the Blue Zones

What does it take to become a centenarian and truly enjoy life as you advance in years?

4 ways to sneak in more vitamin C

It's important to increase your vitamin C intake when you feel a cold coming on and during flu season. Here's how.

The skinny on gut health

Here’s a look at a few of the variables that can help or hinder the gut's state and what you can do to optimize your microbiome.

How being intentional can change your life

No doubt you’ve heard of others living their lives with more intention. Here’s why it’s important and how you can start doing the same right now.

Omega 3's vs. Omega-6s: What you need to know

Somewhere along the way we were taught to believe that all fats are created equally. In reality that couldn't be further from the truth.

Four reasons to eat pumpkin seeds this season

Instead of discarding those pumpkin seeds, or passing them by in the bulk bin aisle, give them a second chance. They are packed full of nutrients that promote good health.

Think proactive: Protect your eyesight with these tips

A 21st-century problem, digital eye strain can pose a risk to your vision.

Productivity secret: learn to relax more

A secret of highly-productive people: they know how to relax properly and in the right measure.

Top 10 foods for hormonal balance

Hormone imbalances are the primary reasons for a wide range of medical issues like weight gain, diabetes, and infertility.

New ways to fight an old problem

Alternative techniques may help some people break their opioid addictions. Here's a look.

Exploring the link between smoking and heart health

About 20% of smoking-related death is caused by heart disease.

Could you be experiencing a deeper, more restful sleep?

A lack of quality sleep is linked to conditions such as heart disease and depression. Luckily, restful sleep is achievable. Start with these tips.

What are the best ways to prevent memory loss?

Memory loss can be caused by a wide range of factors, ranging from genetics to diet to medications, among many others

Exploring the potential of turmeric

Your experience with turmeric may be limited to it being an ingredient in yellow mustard. It's time to change all that.

Exploring future trends in regenerative medicine

Just around 200 years ago, the average human life expectancy was between 30 and 40 years of age.

Holistic medicine: getting to the root of the issue

When you get to the root of the problem, you can start to alleviate the symptoms and the causes. That's the holistic approach.

Five rules for achieving optimal health

Over-eating has led to the obesity epidemic in the United States. Our fast-paced lives have led to the proliferation of junk food and increased levels of stress.

Understanding the difference between a stroke and a heart attack

Understanding these subtle differences helps ensure that the right kind of first aid and treatment is administered, as prompt action might be the difference between life and death.

Hair loss 101

Hormonal changes may also lead to temporary hair loss. Examples include childbirth, pregnancy, and stopping the use of birth control pills.

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“So far I have lost 30#’s in 6 weeks and have the energy of a 40 year old. Am so thankful to be able to handle unpacking and shelving 6000 books. I am up and down stepladders and extension ladders with books in tow. The awful arthritis pain is there but the energy isn’t depleted from the pain like before and I keep going like this for hours.”

LL - Winchester, VA

June4, 2009. “Good morning! I have to tell you that I weigh 157… down from 191!!! OMG…thank you so much! I feel incredible!”

KB – Reston, VA

Hi Lynese – In an old file I found a print out from an online longevity calculator I had used in 2007 ( I thought I was doing well because it said I would likely live to 86! But I just re-took the survey. Basically by cutting out the coffee, carbs and sugar, increasing my exercise and losing weight, I’ve apparently added 13 years to my life!! The calculator now says I could live to be 99!! With a little more exercise and a little less work, I could live to 106!! Thanks for all the added years Lynese!!!

All the best.

P.S. – I saw Diane over the weekend – she’s looking great, and is so happy with her weight loss.

AP - Falls Church, VA

You are so great! I truly appreciate all you are doing for me. Phyllis and I are so fortunate to have found you.

TB - Pottstown, PA

Dare I say it out loud? It sure is looking as though Semorelin has given me my life back. I was so worried about skiing – afraid I’d ski one day and be in bed the rest of the week. But I was just fine. This past Saturday I prepared, served, and cleaned up (with help) dinner for 14. Sunday I was just fine.

SJ - McLean, Virginia

Dear Lynese,

Words cannot describe how happy I am with your anti-aging program. I have not felt this good in YEARS. Since getting pregnant in 1995 I have been overweight. Between 1992-1995 I was being treated for infertility and had to take all sorts of hormones that made me bloated and tired.

Now, at the age of 46 I have more energy and I look better than I have in YEARS. I actually THRIVE on exercise and do it religiously because I know it is the key to keeping the weight off and enjoying the foods that I love.

As a successful businesswoman, you often feel that you can’t have everything and I put my weight and health on hold to grow my business. You have given me the gift of being able to run a business AND look good. I am getting so much attention for my weight loss and it has helped my confidence and self esteem greatly.Since I do a lot of speaking engagements, I know that image is more important than what you say or how you say it. By looking better and appearing fit and healthy, I am a more powerful public speaker!

I can’t say enough about this gift you have given me and I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

On top of all of this, you are truly a beautiful person inside and out who provides a level of caring I have never seen from a doctor, weight loss clinic or other health professional.

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KB - Reston VA

Hi Lynese – Just had to share this with you. I have appeared in an online newsletter (Legal Bisnow) twice – the first time a year ago and the second time today. Look at the difference in my photos!

It’s an absolute miracle! In the older photo even my eyelids look fat! I can’t get over how much I now look like my old self – of 20 years ago! I certainly don’t look like I’m closing in on 59, do I??

The best thing anyone has said to me so far was a comment made by a neighbor who saw me today for the first time in over a year. At first he didn’t recognize me. Then he just stared intently into my face for a few minutes and said “How is your mother?” (I was confused because he doesn’t know my mother). Then he said “I had to ask that because you look like your own daughter!” Wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

AP - Falls Church, VA

“With that said, I have been getting incredible compliments:
“You look like a movie star”
“What have you been doing”
“You look amazing”
“You look ten years younger”
I feel incredible”

KB - Reston, VA

Hi – hope you are doing well. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I’m getting there. I wanted to let you know I hit the 30 lb loss today!!! Yeah! So excited! Clothes that didn’t fit are fitting. Clothes I used to wear are too big. Feeling great! A little nervous about tomorrow’s feeding frenzy- but hoping to not overindulge too bad.

LJ - Arlington, VA

Anyway – just had to tell you that my size 12 pants have been falling off of me! I went to Target this weekend to get some cheap crop pants and shorts for the summer – still not wanting to invest much in clothes that are not my “target” size. (I’ve blown past the size 14 shorts I couldn’t fit into for years). And wouldn’t you know – the 12s were too big – I fit best in the size 10!!

I’M A 10!!! I’m amazed!!

I broke the 170 barrier too – I’m now 168. Just 13 pounds to go to my goal weight. I can’t believe it. The meds have been working like a charm. I think the extra thyroid has really boosted me past a plateau. I’m cleaning out my closet like a madwoman; I can’t believe how much clothing I have for donations.

I’m still getting double takes and amazed looks from people who haven’t seen me for awhile. And after remarking how great I look, a girlfriend recently peered suspiciously at me and said – “And have you had something done to your face too? You look younger!” And I do!

AP - Falls Church, VA 6/2010

Hi Lynese — Great news – seems a fibroid has disappeared! The ultrasound revealed only one fibroid this time, and it is just a little teensy bit smaller than before. So it hasn’t gotten any bigger at all. And the other fibroid didn’t show up on the ultrasound. smile

Thank goodness I did not get that hysterectomy, huh? and thank goodness I came to you to start the bio-identical hormone therapy. I believe that the progesterone is working. And I’m so glad I’m not on the birth control pills anymore. BTW, haven’t had a period since September, and haven’t had any hot flashes either! Life is good.

AK - Germantown, MD

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