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What should I know about metabolic rejuvenation?

Metabolic rejuvenation is the process of resetting your body’s metabolic rate through rapid and intelligent planning. Our bodies are highly adaptive.

Five easy steps to start living a green life

Making the transition to green living is an easier process than you think, but it can be overwhelming at first as you educate yourself on this new lifestyle. Our guide will make it less stressful.

What is personalized precision medicine?

The ultimate goal of clinicians has been to create more accurate, proactive, precise, and impactful care for each individual.

Four things to keep in mind when practicing prenatal yoga

Are you ready to get your warrior pose on and breathing exercises in? Prenatal yoga may be just what you need, but we have some tips for what to pay attention to during your workout.

Heart attack prevention - steps to take

Several things raise the risk of heart disease and they are called ‘risk factors’. Some of them are beyond your control. Others are not...

Should you be dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a process with a lot of health benefits. It can be easily incorporated into your daily routine for healthier skin and renewed energy!

Integrative medicines role in treating illnesses

Integrative medicine aims to maintain and restore the wellness and health of a person by comprehending the patient's overall health condition, including spiritual and psychological dimensions.

Why an apple a day may actually keep the doctor away

Turns out an apple a day may actually keep the doctor away. Here's why!

How nutrition plays a role in your health

Your food choices each day play an impact on your health - how you feel today, how you will feel tomorrow, and far into the future. Why?

Which type of meditation is right for you?

Meditation has turned into a common practice and is only increasing in popularity. If you're wondering if meditation is for you, check out our breakdown of some of the most popular forms.

Hormone decline in men

Simply educating yourself in this natural process could mean the difference between sufficient, normal levels and rapid hormonal decline.

How to maintain healthy gut health

Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you by helping to prevent inflammatory flare-ups and unpleasant immune responses. Here's how it's done.

Lyme disease - causes and prevention

In this article, we’re going to explore what causes Lyme disease and how to prevent yourself from it.

What does our gut bacteria have to do with lupus?

There may be evidence for a relation between lupus and gut bacteria.

How advanced peptides can aid in healing and restoration

What exactly are peptides? How do they function? What makes them suitable for use? Do they have any associated side effects?

The importance of slowing down

We have every intention of living in the moment, but sometimes don’t quite accomplish it. If you’ve been wanting to slow down, here’s how it’s done.

Leveraging genetic data for disease prevention

For years now, genetic data has been providing valuable insights into diseases such as cognition and psychiatric disorders, inherited disorders such as Down Syndrome and Tay-Sachs disease, and much more. We'll help you better-understand this complex topic. Read on.

Functional medicine is about bringing together multiple disciplines

Functional medicine is all about bringing together sometimes disparate disciplines to heal the entire patient.

5 Steps to improve your overall health and well being

Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Bio-identical hormone therapy: is it for you?

Could plant-based bio-identical hormone therapy be right for you? Here's a look at the benefits.

Side effects of normal aging

Aging is a natural part of life that everyone undergoes. We all experience aging in different ways, and these ways are primarily determined by our lifestyle. Here's what you can expect, and ways to make it easier:

Curious about matcha tea? Here are the basics

It's green. It's frothy. It's matcha. But what exactly is this tea and how might it benefit you? Here's the scoop.

Maintaining a positive attitude regardless of current circumstances

Our cognitive awareness and mental stability play a prominent role in the quality of our lives and functionality of our health in general.

The 3 positive effects of the summer sun

The summer sun brings the heat, but it also brings some positive effects.

Are you at risk for cardiovascular disease?

If you have a comprehensive grasp on the mitigating factors and actionable steps outlining a path to a functionable and healthier lifestyle, the chances of you being at risk for cardiovascular disease decrease exponentially.

Have varicose veins? Try sleeping more

Worried about developing premature varicose veins? Try sleeping more. Seriously.

How do you choose to live?

An unhealthy lifestyle is usually the result of bad habits adopted as a result of stress. It can be hard to imagine changing these behaviors. It all starts with a mental shift.

The life-changing aspects of sleep

Do you take sleep for granted? Most people do. Here's why sawing logs should be a top priority for you each and every night.

Navigating COVID-19 (and the next rogue virus that comes to the United States)

It is likely that COVID-19 will not be the last of the “new” highly contagious viruses to hit our shores, threatening our health and the very foundation of our society. The question is what can we do about it?

Optimal health - an overview

People often equate the term 'healthy' with diet or weight. But health means so much more than that.

Relaxation is the key to a happy life

Stress is everywhere. The only way to fight it is with a little "me time." Here's how to make it happen.

Mold-related illness - what this really means

If we continue to live in close proximity to mold around us on a daily basis, what type of impact will that have on our health, longevity and prolonged quality of life?

The quitter's guide to stopping bad habits

Understanding why you engage in bad habits is the first step to kicking them. Here's how to get started.

Symptoms of cognitive impairment: Normal aging, neurocognitive disorder and dementia

What is dementia? What is cognitive impairment? Can cognitive impairment be reversed? And how does one differentiate between the two and any normal memory loss associated with progressive aging?

Ginger just might be the wonder root

Is ginger the wonder root? Possibly so. Here's why.

Neuroscience basics - Understanding Alzheimer's

While neurological research utilizes technological advancements on a daily basis in attempts to further delve into the abyss of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), neurodegeneration is steadily becoming a predictable diagnosis in monitored patients.

Symptoms of possible thyroid problems

If you're experiencing fatigue, depression, weight gain, or loss you might be having problems with your thyroid. Here's what to watch for.

A comprehensive guide to disease and general wellness impairments

You have a family and children to take care of – staying proactive and health conscious is your full-time job in addition to your other full-time job. It’s imperative to validate resources in order to fully understand wellness and critical components that may affect long-term health. Let’s discuss a few here today.

4 tips for naturally reducing inflammation

Inflammation is a natural defense response, but when it becomes chronic, we must work to reduce the occurrence of it in our body. Here are natural ways to do so.

Eating for your best health

Your diet is probably the most crucial part of your overall health and wellness. That means your habitual eating patterns every day, over your whole life.

The sneaky ways sugar can affect our mental health

Even though there is a time and place for refined sugar, too much could directly affect your mental health. Here’s what to watch out for.

Folic acid, mutation and wellness

Seemingly unrelated symptoms, from fatigue to depression to miscarriage, may be the result of the way that your body processes folate, or vitamin B9. Find out more.

6 tips for starting a meditation practice

Meditation practice shouldn't be intimidating. These tips will get you started.

Your body type should help determine your treatment plan

Every person's body is unique, and that means that your health plan should be tailored to your individual body size and shape.

Is it safe to lose a lot of weight quickly?

Losing a lot of weight fast can be hard, but there are situations where fast, managed weight loss is important. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the goal and the reasons for rapid weight loss.

Prevent heart attack and stroke

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States today. But you can take steps now to reduce your risk.

Heart disease: The silent killer

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. At Proactive Wellness Centers, we offer Advanced Cardiac Evaluation (ACE) and Advanced Cardiac Treatment (ACT) programs to help patients prevent, reverse and mitigate cardiovascular disease.

What are antioxidants and why do you need them?

Free radicals are necessary to life, but an imbalance in your body can lead to unexplained symptoms. Antioxidants from fresh veggies and supplements can help restore balance.

Five ways to stay healthy and happy this holiday season

Stress levels starting to rise? The holidays are a busy time of the year. That's why we wanted to share with you five ways to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

Could your allergy really be mold illness?

A quarter of the population is sensitive to molds but don’t realize it. Mold illness is often mistaken for allergies, Lyme disease, depression, PTSD or even multiple sclerosis. Find out if it's affecting you.

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A word from Dr. Lawson

“I can truly say that I absolutely love what I do! Helping patients to achieve optimal health and being a part of their transformation is extremely gratifying for me. I love it when patients see results in 30 – 60 days; however, everyone is truly unique and not two patients respond exactly the same way. I feel so blessed to have worked with patients from more than 20 states and 5 countries and know that I am making a difference, one patient at a time. I truly care about educating patients and helping them achieve their health goals.”

The following content is syndicated with permission from one of my favorite Functional Medicine Physicians,  the nationally renowned Jill Carnahan MD. She has truly been an inspiration for me to advance my knowledge about what it takes to achieve optimal health.    Feel free to read her thoughts as well.

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