Proactive Wellness Now Offering Diagnosis and Treatment for CIRS/Mold and other Biotoxin Diseases

Proactive Wellness is pleased to expand its offerings of Integrative Therapies with our Chronic Inflamatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) diagnosis and treatment program. CIRS is the broader name for mold and other biotoxin illnesses. The number of CIRS/Mold cases is rapidly increasing due primarily to new tests that allow us to confirm a positive diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the treatment is complex, but the good news is that we can very effectively treat this disease, remove the biotoxins from your body and restore your body to good health thanks largely to the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. Left untreated, this disease will continue to worsen as the inflamatory process attacks the body and the body’s innate immune response continues begins to attach good cells as well as the toxins. Our treatment program embodies the Shoemaker approach to treating CIRS and is a safe and highly-effective treatment program for patients with a biotoxin illness. Click here to read more.



Adrenal Essence™ is a comprehensive blend of standardized extracts of highest quality adaptogenic herbs and three relevant B vitamins. These ingredients support the body’s stress response by aiding in adrenal hormone production and assisting in stress adaptation. The formula is designed to reduce stress-induced fatigue and exhaustion, protect tissues from free radicals and may aid in stimulating the body’s immune system.

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