4 strategies to effectively cope with stress

Stress: a completely normal bodily reaction that affects everyone at some point. Stress isn’t something to shy away from in small doses. In fact, stress can help keep us motivated and to perform well under pressure. Tired businessman massaging nose bridge, feeling eyes strain

Stress is also in reaction to a dangerous situation, allowing us to “flight or fight,” and effectively solve the challenge we are being faced with.

However, ongoing stress that feels more unmanageable can be debilitating. Luckily, there are many strategies for coping with stress in an effective way. Here are just some of them.

1. Exercise on a regular basis.
Besides the physical benefits that come with exercise, it has also proven to work in battling emotional and mental stress. Whether you participate in yoga, running or dance, those endorphins will surge through your body every time. Plus, exercise helps to release any excess stress hormone.

2. Incorporate relaxation techniques.
This could be meditation, repeating a mantra, or even talking to a friend. Whatever relaxation means to you, go ahead and do it. Remember that true relaxation may not come so easy at first, but just keep at it and it’ll become a learned technique in no time.

3. Be okay with not saying “yes” to everything.
This is an important one. For a number of individuals, stress is brought upon because of an overwhelming to-do list. We seem to get busier every year, despite new technologies that are supposed to make our work more efficient. Step back and be okay with saying “no” to additional requests that are unimportant. When possible, try not to overcommit.

4. Change your diet.
A diet that is well-balanced and rich in healthy fats, vegetables and fruits has shown to make a difference. Also, avoid caffeine, as caffeine is a stimulant that actually increases your level of stress.

Remember that stress is completely normal. There is no use being stressed about the fact that you are stressed. Step back and take a moment to get that stress hormone down so you can breathe easy.