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Lyme disease has not gone away

Not very many people are talking about it these days, but it hasn’t gone away. In fact, Lyme disease is spreading, so now is the time for a little refresher on how to protect yourself against it.

Brain health starts here

Though dementia mainly affects older adults, it’s not a part of normal aging. In other words, it doesn’t have to be your fate. Per the experts, there are actions you can take to reduce or avoid cognitive decline.

Banish holiday bloat

If you find yourself bloated around this time of year, read on to learn some ways you can take control of your health. Feeling and looking your best year-round is possible with some planning and discipline. That said, here are some ways to beat the seasonal bloat:

Not all online health information is created equal

The internet has democratized access to information but that’s not always for the better. Misinformation and half-truths abound. If you find yourself unsure if what you read online is true, we’ve put together a helpful guide you can lean on when evaluating information:

Eating well on a budget

Nutritious meals are commonly thought to be more expensive than junk food, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can achieve this goal by being more mindful of your choices. Consider the following four tips for healthy eating on a budget.