4 tips for naturally reducing inflammation

Inflammation can be highly uncomfortable, and sometimes downright painful, but the presence of inflammation isn’t always a bad one. Inflammation is a part of the body’s healing system and so occurs when there is injury or illness to combat.43229893_M

However, inflammation can also occur without these triggers and, in these cases, is typically a result of one’s lifestyle, including diet, stress level, and being sedentary. Even if your inflammation has become chronic, there are natural ways to reduce it so you can improve and feel better in no time.

To start with, consume anti-inflammatory foods, which include green leafy vegetables, broccoli, nuts, fatty fish and berries. In the same vein, keep away from foods known to contribute to inflammation, such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and processed meats.

You’ll also do yourself a great favor by being sure to start an exercise routine. New research suggests that just 20 minutes of exercise can have an impact by activating important cellular responses. We know that there are days when it can be difficult to spare even 20 minutes, but know that doing so will have a significant impact on your health.

Another goal of yours should be to manage your stress. Everyone manages stress differently so find what works best for you. Natural stress reducers include: lavender, chamomile, baths and meditation. Some also find solace in practicing yoga.

Lastly, general lifestyle factors can make the biggest difference. Improve your lifestyle and improve your life. So, don’t smoke and make sure you’re getting adequate sleep.

Chronic inflammation doesn’t have to continue to impact your life. Take the steps now using these tips and experience a pain-free, healthy existence. You are entirely capable of leading your life down the path you want to go down. If you’ve followed this advice and continue to experience harmful inflammation, make an appointment with your functional medicine doctor to get to the root cause.