5 early signs of Alzheimer’s that you can’t ignore

`As our loved ones get older, it’s natural to begin to worry about their health. And with someone new developing Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds, this serious brain condition is probably near the top of your list of things to worry about. One of the best ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease is to catch it early. Be aware of your older loved ones and watch out for these common early Alzheimer’s symptoms.

1. Memory Loss

This symptom is the most obvious, but if someone is beginning to develop Alzheimer’s, it will go beyond the occasional forgetfulness. If their memory loss is getting to the point where it’s seriously affecting their day-to-day lives, then it’s probably time to see a specialist.

2. Disorientation

If your loved one suddenly can’t remember where they are, what day it is, or even what month it is, then you should be seriously concerned. This disorientation is a sign of the cognitive decline that Alzheimer’s causes.

3. Mood & Personality Changes

If you notice that your older relatives are expressing more anger or sadness than usual, then it could be one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s. Another common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is social withdrawal. If you find that your mom or dad is showing up to events less and avoiding other people, this could be a cause for concern.

4. Trouble Communicating

Speech and vocalization use a specific part of the brain, and if Alzheimer’s disease begins to attack that part of the brain, then you’ll find that communication skills start to struggle. Difficulty pronouncing words or repeating phrases again and again can be signs of Alzheimer’s disease. People who are beginning to develop Alzheimer’s may also have a hard time keeping up with and participating in conversations.

5. Unusual Behaviors

This category is broad and could look a little different for each person, but if your loved one begins behaving in a way that you just can’t explain, then you should consider getting help. Wandering off alone, hiding objects, weird outbursts, giving away money, or ignoring hygiene could all be small signs of something much bigger.

If you spot some of these symptoms in a loved one and you want to begin helping them, contact us at Proactive Wellness Centers. Our innovative Bredesen-Protocol Strategies can reverse cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s. And the sooner the treatment begins, the better. So be on the lookout for these symptoms, and rely on Proactive Wellness Centers to care for your loved ones.