#Goodvibesonly: How to make your house feel like a home

Elegant living room interior in luxury houseYour home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can leave the day’s problems and stressors at the door. How does your home make you feel? If it’s anything less than calm, collected and serene, you might have a project on your hands.

Speaking of mental health, we at Proactive Wellness employ an integrative approach to health. This means that mental and physical health are inextricably linked. In other words, what’s good for one is good for the other. Making changes in one area can help or hinder other facets of health.

That’s why we challenge patients to look at all the dimensions of their health and focus on weak areas. Your home’s atmosphere might be one important factor you hadn’t considered in the context of your larger health goals, but it does matter. To create a space that’s good for the body, mood and soul, you might consider gradually implementing the following changes in your home:

Bring the outdoors in. Houseplants, fresh-cut flowers and blooming bulbs, pieces of wood, rocks and other natural elements can help conjure Mother Nature. In addition, you might consider items like small fountains for the same effect.

Paint a room to evoke a mood. Different colors are associated with different moods and feelings. For instance, blue and green are calming and great choices for the bedroom. Warn colors (maroon, coral, burgundy) are heartier, heavier and may suit a family room or reading room.

Behold the power of scent. Whether it’s a diffuser, candle, or even making your own home fragrance on the stove, smell has a powerful effect on mood and wellbeing.

Create a mini sanctuary. A place for spiritual reflection and meditation can help you unplug and deal with the stressors of everyday life. It can be a whole room or even just a corner in your house. What matters is that you have such a space carved out for this purpose. Do your best to keep digital distractions to a minimum.

Prioritize cleaning and tame clutter. There’s something about a clean house that puts you at ease. However, a grimy one can affect your mood and outlook. If you have trouble staying on top of regular cleaning consider hiring a cleaning service. Plus, a low-maintenance abode is great for mental health after a demanding day. Fewer items can mean less frustration. Spend time regularly decluttering and following a more minimalistic philosophy by discarding what no longer serves you and only buying items that you truly need or want.

Focus on what fills your heart with joy. Display handmade or meaningful gifts from loved ones and photos of family and friends. Nothing can lift your mood faster than seeing a photo from that awesome family vacation.

Focus on lighting. During the day, open up the blinds or curtains to let in natural sunlight. In the early morning and evening, use candlelight to set the tone for relaxation.

Make comfort a priority. Throw pillows, soft rugs, and snuggly blankets are tried-and-true ways to bring in softness. And if you want to feel like you’re at the spa, fluffy towels, a plush bathrobe, and some cozy slippers are must-haves. High-quality linens and comfortable furniture are worth the investment since you spend so much time at home.

At the end of the day, you want your home to feel like a respite, not a place you avoid because the vibe is off. By adding some special touches you can curate your own calm in the storm of life. What might you consider changing or improving to make your home a place that serves you?