Fruits and their surprising benefits

We all know that fruit is a major food group that we can’t afford to ignore. Fruit provides us with essential vitamins and minerals, plus fiber. In fact, fruit actually provides those nutrients that tend to be underconsumed, such as potassium and folic acid. 42270308 - man at fruit counter in supermarket

Overall, consuming fruit can help you lose weight. Not only does fruit hold a low-calorie count, but the sugars found in fruit are all-natural. They make a great alternative to any sugary sweets you may normally have a hankering for as an after-dinner treat.

Fruits are also nature’s natural cleansers. They give you energy and provide you with plenty of antioxidants. If you are able to incorporate 2-3 servings into your daily diet, you’ll really see the results.

Each individual fruit comes with its own benefit, too.

What’s the one fruit you see most people consuming in the morning? Bananas! They are quick-and-easy for when you’re rushing out the door on your way to work, and bananas also supply you with plenty of energy. If you’re looking to build up a resistance against infections, turn to another favorite, apples. Apples are high in antioxidants. Also, the fibrous nature of apples can help clean your teeth.

Pineapples can help reduce joint swelling caused by arthritis because it contains bromelain, an enzyme with high anti-inflammatory benefits. If you want to increase bone mass, consume kiwi, which is chock-full of vitamin K, a nutrient known to help your body absorb (and hold onto!) calcium.

Even though it’s mostly water, watermelon promotes heart health due to the high lycopene levels found in this fruit. Blueberries also protect your heart.

The antioxidant properties of strawberries and mangos have shown to help your body fight against certain cancers. If you want to feel less stressed, cherries help calm your nervous system.

For healthy skin, choose avocados and oranges. Bonus: oranges also help with vision.

We hope these useful facts about their benefits encourage you to incorporate a variety of fresh fruit into your diet. Fix yourself a fresh fruit salad and get the most out of their healthy perks.