The importance of slowing down

We are busier now more than ever. We take on more responsibility and sign up for more projects. We try to fit 36 hours worth of activities and tasks into a 24-hour period and wonder at the end of the day why we feel so drained. ????????????????????????????????????It’s not just the physical either.

Do you feel rushed throughout the day, sometimes for no apparent reason? It’s like our brains can’t just turn off; constant stimulation is something we are subconsciously striving for. But, do you ever think of how nice it would be to just take in our surroundings?

Slow down and take a moment to truly appreciate the world around us with these tips:

1. Remember that energy is finite.
Simply understanding that we don’t have to always be full of energy is beneficial enough. Allow yourself to relax knowing that your energy has a limit, but you don’t always have to get there.

2. Know that you don’t have to do it all.
There is a societal pressure to “do it all,” sometimes at our own detriment. Learn to delegate or even to let things go until another day and time.

3. Prioritize the right things.
Do you find yourself performing tasks or doing other activities and then feeling stressed at the end of the day when you didn’t accomplish what was most important? It happens, and now is the time to start prioritizing appropriately.

4. Stop and smell the roses…literally.
Take a walk in a garden, smell the flowers, and live technology-free while doing so. Studies show that performing this action actually helps you find satisfaction in life by teaching you about appreciation.

Slowing down and taking inventory of everything you have to be grateful for can do wonders for your psyche. It’s important to care for your soul and spirit so you can live with more intention and in the moment.