What should I know about metabolic rejuvenation?

????????????????????????????????????The weight loss market in the United States is now worth a whopping $72 billion. This is expected given that over two-thirds of American adults are overweight. Even about 32.5 percent of American adults are obese. As a result, dieting, rigorous exercise regiment, and medication are some of the ways people try to lose weight.

However, for many people, it seems that irrespective of what they do, their weight stays the same. Though they stay away from junk food, eat dinner early, religiously attend four cardio classes and one Pilates session every week, their weight never budges.

This can be particularly frustrating for people that are obese (planning to lose over 50 pounds) and their weight continually disrupts their daily life, yet it seems there’s nothing they can do about it. Luckily, there’s one lifeline that can get you to lose that much weight – Metabolic Rejuvenation.

The Problem With the Conventional Approach to Weight Loss

The traditional view of counting calories for weight loss, especially for women, has resulted in an epidemic of reduced metabolism and frustrated dieters. When you eat like a worm and spend hours exercising, two outcomes are guaranteed. In the short term, reduced food intake and increased cardiovascular activities lead to weight loss. However, in the medium term, the body adjusts to this new food and exercise routine and fat loss eventually stops. Even worse, any deviation from this new norm will pile on the pounds.

But what’s the solution to this? The key is to transform the body into a fat-burning machine. This way, you can live your life happily and in good health without having to worry about the repercussions of the pizza you ate last night. That brings us to metabolic rejuvenation.

What is Metabolic Rejuvenation?

Metabolic rejuvenation is the process of resetting your body’s metabolic rate through rapid and intelligent planning. Our bodies are highly adaptive. That’s why you gain weight when you feed too much. But by implementing new strategies, your body gets adapted in positive ways that will bring about remarkable transformations in your body.

Metabolic Rejuvenation Program

This program is particularly targeted for patients that want to lose over 50 pounds in less than three months. To accomplish this, a physician will review your food diary for one day and provide specific coaching. Thereafter, a body composition test will be used to closely monitor your progress. This also helps to make the necessary adjustments to best suit how your body is reacting to the process. It also involves certain medicines and an exercise plan. The ultimate goal is to take a holistic approach to modify your metabolic processes.

Here’s a proper breakdown of what metabolic rejuvenation involves:

  • Treatment Plan

This involves the development of a detailed initial functional medicine treatment plan. This plan will specifically address imbalances and other factors that contribute to weight loss like insulin resistance, depressed metabolism, food allergies, high cortisol levels, hypothyroidism, sleep deprivation, hormone imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance, and more. By incorporating prescription medication (if needed), nutritional supplements, medical food, and hormone replacement, these imbalances can be fixed.

  • Body Composition Testing

Monitoring progress is very important in metabolic rejuvenation. Body composition analysis makes it possible to specifically monitor fat loss and increase in lean muscle since that’s the target. The sophisticated InBody 520 from BIOSPACE is used to carry out the test.

  • Treatment Plan Adjustments

As new insights are obtained from the analysis and test result, the treatment plans will be adjusted to have the maximum impact. This may involve adjusting nutritional supplements, hormones, medical foods, and/or prescription medication.

  • Eating Plan Guidance

Dieting is crucial when it comes to weight loss, as taking too much or even the wrong calories can hurt your weight. An eating plan guidance takes into account your body composition to determine what kind of food is best suited for you. As the program progresses, your daily food diary will be adjusted to make changes well-suited for your body.

  • Effective Exercise

Exercising is also an important piece of metabolic rejuvenation. However, many people, especially women do not get it right. They tend to overfocus on the cardio machines, paying less attention to the weight areas. And as a result, after six months of cardio workouts, no change is noticeable. Aerobic exercise is more effective to burn fat and is good for the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. However, aerobic exercise has little impact on the muscles, and may even lead to muscle loss, which is undesirable as muscles are important to stay in shape.

An effective exercise regimen incorporates muscle building with fat loss. To determine the appropriate exercise, your specific physiology and body composition will be used. As you progress, your body composition will be monitored and the exercise plan adjusted as needed.

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