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There's no way around it: Getting diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease can be both scary and disheartening for patients and their loved ones. The cognitive impairment, memory loss, and eventual cognitive decline can seem like a grim prognosis. Unfortunately, the standard reductionist approach seeking to identify a single silver bullet cure doesn't account for the multifactorial nature of Alzheimer's disease.

That's why treating Alzheimer's disease requires a multifaceted response from functional medicine. While there is no single drug that can cure Alzheimer's, protocols addressing the nuanced factors contributing to the disease can make a difference. That's where Proactive Wellness Centers and Bredesen protocol treatment in McNair, VA comes into play.

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Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

The Proactive Wellness Approach to Brain Health

At Proactive Wellness, we firmly believe that brain health is an essential part of your overall well-being. However, despite the emergence of new research, there has been limited understanding of how to promote brain health effectively. This includes reducing the risk of dementia/Alzheimer's and stabilizing cognitive decline in patients with early symptoms. Dr. Lawson, an esteemed Bredesen Protocol practitioner and ReCode 2.0 Certified with 17 years of experience in functional medicine can identify and address the root cause of cognitive decline in you or your loved one.

Dr. Lawson's goal isn't to replace the role of family physicians. Rather, we collaborate with primary care physicians, internists, and other medical professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to care. We believe that every individual is unique from a physiological perspective, and therefore, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our programs focus on a customized approach, addressing risk factors that, if avoided or modified, could have beneficial effects for men and women who have dementia.

Our programs have a strong emphasis on slowing down and reversing the aging process, preventing diseases, and treating chronically ill patients. To achieve this, we employ a three-pronged approach:

  • We empower patients with the knowledge they need to manage their health and attain optimal well-being.
  • We prioritize disease prevention by conducting a thorough evaluation with the help of comprehensive diagnostics and the patient's health history form.
  • We collaborate with patients to implement a rejuvenation program that includes various science-based treatments, like our Brain Health Optimization Program (BHOP) for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's

One of the most popular and effective programs we offer includes Bredesen protocol treatment in McNair VA. This revolutionary approach to dementia has provided hope and improved cognitive function for countless people in the US. But to understand the importance of the Bredesen protocol, it's important that you first understand dementia, Alzheimer's, and its effect on people across the world.

The Wide-Reaching Effects of

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

There are currently more than 5.8 million individuals in the United States who are living with Alzheimer's disease. It is predicted that the number of individuals with Alzheimer's disease will more than double by 2050.

Dementia is a type of cognitive decline that affects mental abilities. There are many different causes and complex layers involved. Cognitive impairment is characterized by abnormal results on tests measuring memory, speech, critical thinking, and other cognitive abilities, but individuals with this diagnosis are still capable of performing daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Without proper treatment, Alzheimer's disease is likely to follow within a few years. Alzheimer's disease is the most prevalent form of dementia, and it is diagnosed through neuro-imaging and analysis of cerebrospinal fluid.

In the past, being diagnosed with Alzheimer's was often worse than receiving a death sentence. It was dehumanizing and stripped individuals of their memories, thinking abilities, and independence. However, after three decades of research, we now have a greater understanding of this devastating illness and even solutions like Bredesen protocol treatment in McNair, VA that can help patients deal with dementia.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

What Causes Dementia?

Dementia is caused by a normal and healthy brain process that malfunctions due to a toxic environment, inflammation, and a lack of necessary nutrients and hormones. The brain's defense mechanism produces amyloid plaques, which serve as a protective helmet around the brain. Unfortunately, these plaques destroy connections between nerve cells, ultimately affecting comprehension, recollection, and clarity.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

Dementia by the Numbers

It's important to understand the impact of Alzheimer's disease (AD) around the world. According to the CDC, AD is present in 50% of patients in nursing homes and causes more than 110,000 deaths annually in the US. It was the 6th leading cause of death in 2015. More than 5 million people in the US are affected by AD, and recent data indicates that the problem is getting worse.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 47 million people around the world are currently living with dementia, and this number is expected to rise to 75 million by 2030 and 132 million by 2050. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 60 to 80 percent of all cases.

While reading those statistics can be disheartening, there's reason to be hopeful. New therapies and treatments offered at Proactive Wellness - like Bredesen protocol treatment - can help patients deal with dementia and cognitive decline.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

The Power of

Bredesen Protocol Treatment in McNair, VA

The Bredesen Protocol is a highly personalized treatment program that aims to reverse cognitive decline and improve brain function in patients. Dr. Bredesen has designed the protocol to be adaptable and customizable, tailored to the specific symptoms and needs of each patient.

The program is centered around lifestyle changes, medication, and nutritional adjustments, all of which are tailored to address the unique symptoms and environmental factors that may be contributing to cognitive decline. This approach, referred to as ReCODE, helps patients to combat brain fog and prevent the onset of dementia.

It has also helped patients improve cognitive function significantly, reverse symptoms, and even return to work. The ReCODE program comprises lifestyle interventions, therapeutic diets, and targeted nutrients. Proactive Wellness Centers is thrilled to offer this promising treatment modality for Alzheimer's disease to benefit our patients.

It all starts with a baseline Bredesen evaluation at our wellness clinic in McNair, VA.

Baseline Bredesen Evaluation from

Proactive Wellness Centers

At Proactive Wellness Centers, we have two ways to help patients who are in search of Bredesen protocol treatment in McNair, VA. The first option is our Baseline Bredesen Evaluation, which is best suited for asymptomatic patients - that is, individuals who do not exhibit any significant cognitive decline beyond what is expected with age. Dr. Bredesen classifies such patients as "PreCode."

This evaluation serves as a starting point for PreCode patients, as well as those who are unsure of their cognitive status and potential risk factors. Our baseline evaluation includes the following:

The first step involves conducting a comprehensive set of baseline labs to evaluate your overall health, closely following the Bredesen protocol. This step goes beyond standard labs that you might have for a physical. It includes tests for magnesium, zinc, and selenium levels, B6, B12, and folate levels, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels.

It also includes

  • Pre-Diabetes Evaluation
  • Hormone Level Evaluation
  • Thyroid Level Evaluation
  • Specific Immune Marker Evaluation such as TH1, TH2, IL6, and TNF.

Our goal with this assessment is to establish a starting point and compare your cognitive function against what is typical for your age group. We have chosen to use the CNS Vital Signs cognitive assessment, which is widely recognized as one of the best in the industry. Additionally, we will be conducting the standard MoCA test as part of the evaluation.

A DNA test is performed to identify the specific APOE genotype present in your DNA. APOE e4 has been shown to be associated with an increased chance of late-onset Alzheimer's disease, which occurs after a person is 65 years old.

This step covers your lab results and includes a detailed plan of action to address areas of improvement as identified in your baseline evaluation.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

What are the Early Signs of

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?

As we grow older, it can be difficult to distinguish between normal changes in our cognitive abilities and the initial signs of dementia. The issue with preventing chronic illnesses is that we often believe we are healthy as long as we don't experience any symptoms, but this is not entirely accurate. Symptoms are typically the last indicator of a disease, meaning it has already progressed by the time they appear.

While it's always best to catch diseases before you notice symptoms, taking proactive measures at the first sign of cognitive changes can greatly impact the aging of your brain and body. It's crucial to act immediately if you're experiencing the following symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment. That way, ,you have a better chance of preventing the development of Alzheimer's.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

Roughly 10% of individuals with MCI progress to Alzheimer's annually.

Fortunately, Bredesen protocol treatment in McNair, VA may provide you with a chance to delay or even reverse these symptoms

Memory Issues

Memory Issues

You have a hard time remembering events that happened recently, such as appointments or important conversations with loved ones. You may also have trouble remembering important information.

Language Issues

Language Issues

You have trouble finding relevant words when you're talking with other people. You may also have problems following along with complex or complicated discussions.

Maintaining Concentration

Difficulty Maintaining Concentration and Attention

You have noticed a reduced ability to focus and stay honed in on most tasks. You may also not be able to multitask effectively, and it may be harder to keep your attention for long periods of time.

Decline in Executive Functions

Decline in Executive Functions

This symptom involves difficulty with skills like decision-making, planning, problem-solving, and organizing. These difficulties are often most apparent in day-to-day activities.

Visuospatial Awareness

Problems with Visuospatial Awareness

You may have trouble parking your car, judging distances, reading maps, or completing tasks that necessitate spatial orientation.

Impaired Judgement

Impaired Judgement and Reasoning

This may include problems when making judgments or decisions. Examples may consist of difficulties making financial decisions, managing finances, making reasonable and appropriate social decisions, or thinking through risky situations.

Bredesen Protocol Alzheimers Treatment McNair, VA

By contrast, some of the most common signs of normal aging can include the following

Experiencing temporary lapses in memory, where recently learned details like names or scheduled events may slip from one's mind but can be remembered later on

  • You occasionally make mistakes, but nothing that stands out as significant or unusual.
  • You have to ask for help putting together or setting up electronic devices or equipment.
  • You sometimes forget what day it is but have the ability to remember the correct date later on.
  • Your vision is getting worse, which is caused by cataracts.
  • You experience shortness of breath or get tired more often when being active.
  • You feel unusual aches and pains, especially during poor weather.
  • You get confused sometimes but don't have an inability to make decisions or multitask.
  • You have a hard time keeping your body temp regulated.
  • You get angry or frustrated when tasks aren't completed in certain ways.

Your Trusted Choice for Bredesen Protocol Treatment in McNair, VA

Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial for one's overall well-being, yet there remains a lack of knowledge when it comes to promoting brain health, reducing the likelihood of dementia, or managing symptoms for those exhibiting early warning signs.

That's why we're excited to offer patients the ReCODE program at Proactive Wellness Centers. Developed by Doctor Bredesen, this treatment has shown remarkable success in improving cognitive function and even reversing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. This comprehensive program includes lifestyle changes, dietary interventions, and specialized nutrients, and we are eager to provide this promising treatment option to patients like you.

If you or a loved one are starting to show concerning signs of cognitive decline, contact our office today to learn more about Bredesen protocol therapy. It could be your first step toward reversing mental decline and enjoying life to its fullest.

Latest News in McNair, VA

McNair Student Receives AAA School Safety Patrol Award

Peehu Gangwani​ was praised for her leadership skills as a captain on McNair Elementary's AAA School Safety Patrol.HERNDON, VA — Peehu Gangwani, a student at McNair Elementary, recently received the AAA School Safety Patrol Award for the 2019-2020 school year.The award recognizes school safety patrollers who excel in leadership, dependability, and service to others, according to a AAA release. Last year, Peehu was a fifth-grader at McNair, where she served as the captain of the AAA School Safety Patrol squad. Like her...

Peehu Gangwani​ was praised for her leadership skills as a captain on McNair Elementary's AAA School Safety Patrol.

HERNDON, VA — Peehu Gangwani, a student at McNair Elementary, recently received the AAA School Safety Patrol Award for the 2019-2020 school year.

The award recognizes school safety patrollers who excel in leadership, dependability, and service to others, according to a AAA release. Last year, Peehu was a fifth-grader at McNair, where she served as the captain of the AAA School Safety Patrol squad. Like her classmates, she is currently engaged in distance learning.

The Gangwani family hosted an awards presentation at their home in Fairfax County. Besides recognizing Peehu's accomplishes, family members presented her with a Visa gift card and a commemorative award of merit plaque from AAA.

“During the virtual ceremony, we saluted every member of the AAA School Safety Patrol, and thanked them for their hard work, dedication and service to others this year as Safety Patrols,” said Kristen Luck, a health and physical education teacher, and AAA School Safety Patrol sponsor at McNair, in a release. “Students and Patrol advisors and sponsors who give their time and energy to make the AAA School Safety Patrol a success are encouraged and supported by school officials, parent-teacher groups, police departments and AAA clubs.”

During its end-of-the year ceremonies, which were conducted online last spring, McNair recognized its first year Safety Patrols, sixth grade Safety Patrols, Safety Patrols captains, and the school's two years of service Safety Patrols, Outstanding School Safety Patrol (OSSP) nominations, and then OSSP Award winner Peehu.

“Peehu is a leader who helps make sure that the preschoolers and kindergarten students make it safely on and off the bus,” Luck said.“She assisted students with two bus safety evacuation drills this school year."

Luck went on to praise Peehu for her leadership qualities as a safety patroller the last two years.

"She is positive, polite, reliable, and patient," Luck said. "This school year she earned the job of being a captain. Peehu is always on time, shows kindness to all, and is responsible and respected by her fellow peers. Peehu also became one of the first Fourth Grade bus safety patrols to be selected ever at McNair Elementary last year.”

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McNair, Eagles Dancing Into Postseason

ELKTON — If high school football players were allowed to celebrate their touchdowns with dances, East Rockingham senior Jaylen McNair knows what his would be.His “trademark,” as junior Chris Rogers called it, is the popular dance of Carlton Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”“If we didn’t get flagged for that, I’d probably break it out a few times because I don’t get very many rushing touchdowns,” McNair said. “I’d probably use it, I&...

ELKTON — If high school football players were allowed to celebrate their touchdowns with dances, East Rockingham senior Jaylen McNair knows what his would be.

His “trademark,” as junior Chris Rogers called it, is the popular dance of Carlton Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

“If we didn’t get flagged for that, I’d probably break it out a few times because I don’t get very many rushing touchdowns,” McNair said. “I’d probably use it, I’m not gonna lie.”

Dancing, Rogers said, is one of McNair’s hidden talents.

McNair’s abilities on the football field, meanwhile, are considerably easier to discover.

The East Rock quarterback leads all area signal-callers in completions (166), completion percentage (65.9 percent) and passing yards (2,537), and has tossed an astounding 30 touchdowns to just three interceptions.

“Amazing. I’d put him up against anybody in the state, anybody that I’ve ever seen play in high school,” said Rogers, East Rock’s third-leading receiver. “He just doesn’t miss throws. We run OK routes and sometimes we mess up, but he puts it on the money wherever we are. He can just put the ball anywhere he wants to.”

No other passer in the Shenandoah or Valley Districts has more than 1,544 yards through the air or 13 touchdown passes this season.

“I mean, I expect to play well. I always strive for perfection, really, as far as my numbers. I wanted to have a season with no picks, so I’m not happy about that,” said McNair, who didn’t throw an interception until facing Riverheads in Week 7. “You shoot high. You come close, you’re still pretty good. And I improved from last year, so I’m pretty pleased.”

In nine games as a junior with a balanced offense in 2015, McNair finished with 2,003 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and six interceptions.

With less of a running game this season, a high-flying passing attack has been the driving force behind the Eagles’ (7-3) road to the No. 4 seed in the 2A East Region postseason — the program’s sixth consecutive playoff berth in seven years of existence — and a first-round matchup Friday against 13th-seeded Prince Edward in Elkton.

Still, it wasn’t easy at first for coach Donnie Coleman — a self-described “control freak” — to give McNair pre-snap freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

“We’ve given him that much responsibility and he’s taken the bull by the horns. As I got to trust the kid more and more, the kid can flat-out play. There’s just no two ways about it,” Coleman said Monday morning after a film session. “There was a couple times in the last few games where it was tight, and I can do this now, I guess: I’ve learned to kind of sit back and enjoy it.”

Seated at a computer desk in an ERHS classroom Monday, Coleman pulls up game film from the Eagles’ season-opening win at Spotswood.

The first highlight he plays shows the right-handed McNair stepping up in the pocket to avoid pressure from the Blazers, and unleashing an off-balanced throw on the run that seamlessly finds the hands of senior Javon Butler some 30 yards downfield.

The second play Coleman breaks down from that game was a pass that Butler snatched at knee level for a 21-yard score over the middle from McNair. The end-zone camera angle on that snap, though, shows that McNair released the throw well before Butler was even open on the play.

“I remember standing on the sideline saying, ‘We’ve got something special here,’” Coleman said. “There’s one or two every game.”

After some of McNair’s impressively precise passes, Coleman will often make remarks about them to quarterbacks coach Tierre McNair, the senior’s father, and fellow assistant Gary Smith, the senior’s grandfather.

“When I go home, the coaching doesn’t stop,” Jaylen McNair said. “Some people, that might frustrate them because they’d never get a break or whatever, but I like that because it makes me better.”

Considering his family’s involvement in football, McNair was practically destined to be a quarterback.

There are pictures of him as an infant holding a football, he said, and his family’s history in the sport extends well beyond that time.

His father was a quarterback at Glenville State under Rich Rodriguez. Smith, who now coaches East Rock’s running backs and linebackers, was the head coach at Pendleton County High School in Franklin, W.Va., for 30 years.

McNair’s uncle, Rod Smith, was a quarterback at Bridgewater College and Glenville State, and is currently in his fifth season at the University of Arizona as co-offensive coordinator under Rodriguez.

In fact, the lone scholarship offer McNair has to this point, from Glenville State, was offered by Eric Smith, who is his cousin and the Division II Pioneers’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

“I don’t think he’s had a choice but to absorb football and know how to dig into it,” Rod Smith said of McNair, with a laugh, by phone Monday evening. “I told his mom the other day, he’s the best one of all of us.”

Rod Smith’s past coaching stops have included West Virginia, South Florida and Michigan, and McNair recalled visiting his uncle years ago and being able to meet notable former college players like Michigan’s Denard Robinson and West Virginia’s Steve Slaton and Pat White.

“He really looks out for me, tells me about the process of recruiting and what I need to do and what’s best for me to get a good look,” McNair said of his uncle. “I’m glad I have the advantages that I do.”

McNair and his uncle keep in touch regularly via text, the senior said, and Smith finally got to see McNair play with East Rock in person last month.

On what Smith called “one of the best weekend trips” he’s had in a long time, he was on hand — while getting “doused” by rain — to watch McNair lead East Rockingham to a 38-7 home win over Luray on Oct. 21.

Smith remembered putting his nephew through throwing drills years ago, and said McNair had “tremendous” form and a smooth release even at a young age.

“I thought ‘Wow, if this kid can continue to grow, get big enough and all the other intangibles come about, he can do something with this in college one of these days,’ and sure enough he’s continued to blossom,” Smith said. “I’m extremely proud of him for the work he’s put in.”

With a laugh, Smith added that the relaxed, even-keeled demeanor that’s made McNair famous within ERHS does not come from his side of the family.

But there is also a goofy side to McNair, Coleman said, recalling how the quarterback forgot to bring his helmet to a benefit game at Turner Ashby this preseason.

“Funniest kid I know,” Rogers said. “He can take any situation and make you laugh.”

McNair’s calmness, though, is just another one of the senior’s strengths behind center.

But he will show emotion when his team needs it.

“My dad and my granddad are the ones who really pointed that out to me, and I’m glad they did,” McNair said. “They prepare me pretty well, I think.”

Those two ERHS assistants have also helped McNair enhance his pocket awareness and footwork to escape pressure and still fire accurate throws, which Coleman said is one of the quarterback’s biggest improvements from a year ago.

McNair, who also plays basketball and baseball at ERHS, has been effective with his feet this season, as well. The 175-pounder, with sharper agility this season, has run the ball 51 times for a total of 195 rushing yards — an average of 3.8 yards per run — and four touchdowns without a fumble.

While Smith couldn’t comment on whether he’s thought about recruiting his nephew — due to NCAA rules that forbid coaches from commenting publicly on unsigned recruits — the Wildcats’ coach said he believes McNair “can definitely play at a high level” and will make “some program very happy pretty soon.”

Coleman, although perplexed by the lack of college interest thus far for McNair and the theory the 6-footer is too short for college football, is confident the right opportunity will come along.

“I think some more stuff’s going to come for him, but to throw for over 4,500 yards in two years and to throw the ball 30-40 times like we do and have that [touchdown-to-interception] ratio, I don’t know what else he can do,” Coleman said. “His height is what we hear, but I’ll look them right in the eye and I’ll tell them they’re crazy. This kid can play. I don’t know what else he has to do.”

Veterans Often Miss Out on the Long-Term Care Benefits They Deserve

Sometimes life's biggest setbacks end up being just the spark needed to inspire us to accomplish something life changing....

Sometimes life's biggest setbacks end up being just the spark needed to inspire us to accomplish something life changing.

10 Best Financial Benefits for Military Families

When my grandfather, a Navy veteran of three wars, required long-term care, he thought he was prepared for the expense. Over the years, he had paid $100,000 in premiums for long-term care insurance.

His careful planning was unnecessary, however. There was another way to cover the long-term care costs for him; we just didn't know about it.

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My grandfather was eligible for VA benefits, which include coverage for long-term care, from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This benefit is designed to financially assist war-time veterans and their spouses with their assisted living, nursing home or care-in-the-home expenses.


When I later learned about this benefit—and that my grandfather had been eligible—I decided to do what I could to make sure others didn't miss out and, in 2012, launched the Veteran Benefit Project. Since then, the project has helped at least 1,000 veterans qualify for the benefits they deserve.

My grandfather wasn't unusual. Although what's known as the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit has been around since 1951, many veterans don't know about it, or don't think they qualify.

It's not that the vast majority of veterans are ineligible. In fact, the qualifications are fairly simple. Here are a few of them:

By meeting these criteria, the veteran and his or her spouse, or the surviving spouse if the veteran is deceased, are eligible for up to as much as $25,488 a year in benefits, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How much they can receive varies depending on their situation. Here's how it breaks down:

These tax-free benefits are paid directly to the veteran or surviving spouse, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

What I have found over the last few years is that probably 95% of the veterans I talk with have never heard of this benefit.

That means a lot of people who could be helped by the money aren't claiming what's rightfully due to them.

Anyone with a family member who has had the need for long-term care understands that the costs can be staggering. A Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey 2016 pegged the national median expense at $43,539 per year for assisted living, $82,125 a year for a semi-private nursing home room and $92,378 per year for a private nursing home room.

Most people are in no position to take on that kind of expense in retirement.

That's why it's so important to get the word out to veterans. They earned this benefit. They need to take advantage of it.

Andrew McNair is the president, Investment Adviser Representative and Insurance Professional of SWAN Capital, which he founded in 2012. In the same year, he established the Veteran Benefit Project, an organization that helps veterans qualify for VA benefits. He specializes in the fields of retirement income, long-term-care, wealth preservation and has a strategic partnership with an attorney for estate planning services.

Andrew McNair and SWAN Capital are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs or any other governmental agency.

Investment advisory services offered through AE Wealth Management, LLC.

Rozel Swain contributed to this article.


This article was written by and presents the views of our contributing adviser, not the Kiplinger editorial staff. You can check adviser records with the SEC or with FINRA.


Building Wealth Personal Finance For Military Families Long-Term Care Insurance

Andrew McNair is the president, Investment Adviser Representative and Insurance Professional of SWAN Capital, which he founded in 2012. In the same year, he established the Veteran Benefit Project, an organization that helps veterans qualify for VA benefits. He specializes in the fields of retirement income, long-term-care, wealth preservation and has a strategic partnership with an attorney for estate planning services. He has helped inform thousands of individuals about planning for retirement.

Roanoke neighbors: Obituaries for August 21

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Douglas William HeptinstallFebruary 23, 1945 - August 18, 2023Douglas William Heptinstall, 78, of Roanoke, Va., also known as "The Bone," went…

Penny Lynn Poston "Nana" KarnesJanuary 20, 1952 - August 19, 2023Penny Lynn Poston "Nana" Karnes, 71, of Vinton, Va., went Home to be with Jes…

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Norfolk City Treasurer’s best friend takes the stand against him in corruption trial

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NORFOLK, Va. - Stunning testimony was heard on Wednesday in the case against Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot as his best friend, Keith McNair took the stand against him.

McNair testified that he did not want to take the stand against his boss and best friend Burfoot but said he signed an immunity agreement to get himself out of trouble.

McNair works in the Treasurers Office and was hired by Burfoot in 2013.

The two men have been friends since college.

When asked by the federal prosecutor if McNair would believe Burfoot under oath McNair paused and said, "This is really hard for me but no."

McNair testified that he and Burfoot went out to dinner with Ronnie Boone and Dwight Etheridge and he said they always paid for both him and Burfoot.

Andrew Sacks, Burfoot's attorney fought back saying that McNair gave contradicting testimony when he was in front of a grand jury three separate times and today in court.

McNair said he was lying before to try to protect his friend.

Sacks pointed out a medical condition that allegedly affects McNair's memory.

McNair testified he never saw Burfoot take cash from the key witnesses in the case.

Burfoot took the stand last Thursday, and Monday and Tuesday and said none of the accusations against him are true.

Prosecutors allege he was bribing local businessman and developers for years.

Wednesday, the defense rested their case. Then McNair was brought up to the stand by federal prosecutors.

The case may now be in the hands of jury on Thursday. The judge has ruled that if the jury starts deliberating on Thursday, they can continue to deliberate on Friday. Throughout the past five weeks, court has not been in session on Fridays.

Federal prosecutors indicted Burfoot last January for perjury and political corruption charges. He is facing eight felony charges.

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