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CIRS Mold Toxicity Treatment in Rosslyn, VA

Experiencing mold toxicity is a terrifying thought for most people. Although it may seem like an interesting concept for a medical drama, nobody wants to experience the effects of mold exposure firsthand.

Mold is a fungus that thrives in wet environments, such as under tiles, wood floors, and ceilings, pipes, and roofs. While several types of mold exist, some are more hazardous than others, and some individuals may be allergic or sensitive to mycotoxins, the toxins that mold naturally produces. Exposure to excessive amounts of mold, or the types of mold that trigger health problems, can lead to mold toxicity and even CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. This acute and chronic systemic inflammatory response syndrome is typically acquired after exposure to mold or other producers of biotoxins, usually from damaged water buildings.

If you believe that you're suffering from mold toxicity or mold illness, it can seem like the world is folding in on you. No matter what you do, your symptoms persist, lowering your quality of life and eliminating your peace of mind. Fortunately, there is reason to be hopeful: Proactive Wellness Centers now offers a research-backed, highly effective mold illness poisoning treatment in Rosslyn, VA for men and women just like yourself and your children as well if they have been impacted.

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CIRS and Mold Toxicity

CIRS and mold illness are on the rise, and accurate diagnosis of the issue plays a major role in this trend. Thanks to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, there is a huge body of evidence that covers diagnosing and treating patients with CIRS. Dr. Lawson is one of less than 30 practitioners in the United States that are fully certified by Dr. Shoemaker for diagnosing and treating CIRS. The body of evidence by Shoemaker and many associates is the largest body of scientific evidence that is published in major medical journals. Around 80% of CIRS/Mold cases are caused by indoor air contaminated with mold toxins and other triggers. However, it's important to note that CIRS can also be caused by biotoxin producers such as cyanobacteria and a marine dinoflagellate that produces the Ciguatera toxin found in certain types of fish.

When mold or biotoxins are not processed effectively, a series of biochemical changes known as the Biotoxin Pathway occur. Genetic studies have revealed that approximately 24% of individuals have a genetic makeup that makes them susceptible to developing an illness related to mold or biotoxins. The remaining 76% of the population can typically eliminate these toxins from their system and avoid the development of the Biotoxin Pathway that can lead to various diseases.

CIRS Treatment In Rosslyn Rosslyn, VA

CIRS and Mold Poisoning Misdiagnosis

CIRS and mold exposure symptoms overlap with many other chronic illnesses, which makes diagnosis challenging and can even lead to missed diagnosis of CIRS. Based on research from Proactive Wellness Centers, CIRS is frequently misdiagnosed. Some of the most common misdiagnoses include:

  • Lupus
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • PTSD
  • More

Lyme disease, in particular, is often misdiagnosed. We have treated a number of patients whose symptoms were in line with Lyme disease. Fortunately, we were able to confirm the presence of CIRS and mold and were able to successfully help those patients using CIRS treatment in Rosslyn, VA.

Note that many of these patients have CIRS and Lyme disease and in that case, it is necessary to treat both in order for full recovery. Treating one or the other will invariably leave the patient with debilitating symptoms and even more frustration with their medical team. At Proactive Wellness Centers, we are skilled In diagnosing and treating both.

 VA Rosslyn, VA
 CIRS Mold Toxicity Treatment In Rosslyn Rosslyn, VA

CIRS and Mold Poisoning Symptoms

If you're reading this page, chances are you're concerned that you might have CIRS or some form of mold poisoning. You may be wondering what you have - is it CIRS, or is it something else like Lyme disease? We can't provide the answer to that question without consultation and testing at our wellness center in Virginia. However, there are common symptoms of CIRS and mold toxicity you should know.

Some of the most common symptoms of CIRS include:

  • Fatigue
  • Decreased Word Finding
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Morning Stiffness
  • Tremors
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Tingling
  • Night Sweats
  • Frequent Urination
  • Confusion
  • Mood Swings

Proactive Wellness Centers'

Tools for Diagnosing Mold Sickness and CIRS

Identifying and confirming if a patient is being impacted by CIRS and identifying the cause and source of the biotoxin are the two main steps in diagnosing CIRS and Mold Exposure. To diagnose CIRS and Mold Exposure, the following diagnostic tools are commonly used:

To learn more about the debilitating symptoms of mold sickness and to find out whether you have CIRS or something else, contact Proactive Wellness Centers. Our team of medical professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

 VA Rosslyn, VA

Hope for Patients with CIRS: Proactive Wellness Centers' Mold Illness Treatment in Rosslyn, VA

Our approach to treating CIRS utilizes integrative and functional medicine, The Shoemaker Protocol along with the latest evidence-based approaches to treating mold illness and the related secondary issues that it causes. We begin by utilizing advanced diagnostics to confirm the presence of the condition and identify the specific environment causing continued exposure to biotoxins. Next, we take a stepwise approach to halt the progression of the disease, eliminate biotoxins from the body, and reverse any damage to cellular structures. Our goal is to help patients achieve a full recovery.

To do this, we not only have to identify the primary condition like CIRS or Lyme disease, but we then have to continue looking to see if you have any of the common secondary conditions like reactivated EBV, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), and others. Once we understand the totally of your condition, then we can implement a treatment plan tailored for you. Yes, it will leverage the Shoemaker protocol, but we have found that we have to extend the protocol to cover the secondary issues that we uncover.

The steps we follow to reach that goal include:

In order to initiate the recovery process, it is important to address and resolve any affected areas, or, alternatively, relocate the patient from that environment if necessary. Prolonged exposure to mold can hinder the success of the treatment plan and impede the healing process.

Two commonly used binding agents in the process of treating Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome are Welchol and Cholestyramine. Cholestyramine is particularly effective in binding biotoxins that are processed in the liver's bile ducts and helps to eliminate them from the body. It has been scientifically proven, through placebo-controlled studies, to reverse multiple aspects of the inflammatory process associated with CIRS.

Many individuals experiencing mold sickness and other chronic inflammatory illnesses may have a staph infection called MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) residing deep in their nasal cavities. This infection is resistant to antibiotics and needs to be eliminated for the patient to fully recover.

Each patient requires a customized plan based on the affected areas and CIRS severity. Retesting is necessary after each step to confirm balance restoration. Testing may include some or all of the following:
  • VIP
  • TGF Beta 1
  • MMP9
  • ADH
  • Antigliadin
  • Androgen Imbalance
  • C4a
  • More

In order to halt the growth of mold fungi, patients need to avoid foods that can cause mycotoxins. Some examples of these foods include:
  • Barley
  • Cottonseed
  • Peanuts
  • Corn
  • Black Pepper
  • Figs
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Beans
  • More
Proactive Wellness has a proven track record of treating patients who have experienced severe health issues without any clear explanation. Unlike other "syndromes," our diagnosis process involves specific tests to confirm a diagnosis rather than simply ruling out other diseases.
 CIRS Mold Poisoning Treatment In Rosslyn Rosslyn, VA

Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and Chronic Pain Syndrome are examples of illnesses that are often diagnosed without such confirmatory tests. If you are experiencing unexplained health issues or have been exposed to water-damaged buildings, it is possible that you are suffering from CIRS or a mold illness.

The good news is that we can diagnose and address this disease with a mold illness treatment program in Rosslyn, VA tailored to your body and your symptoms. That way, we can help you regain your health as soon as possible.

Be Wary of These

5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold spores can easily be brought into your home on your shoes or clothing or through open windows or doors. If these spores can find a warm, damp, humid environment, they can begin to multiply. Soon, your home can be filled with toxic mold. If you think mold has invaded your home or another environment, like in an office or warehouse, it's important for you to know about the symptoms.

Unfortunately, diagnosing mold issues can be exceptionally difficult. But why? The answer can be quite frustrating.

Understanding the Difficulty of Diagnosing Mold Symptoms

Many doctors fail to recognize the impact of mycotoxins emitted by certain indoor mold species, which can lead to chemical and inflammatory reactions. While conventional medicine acknowledges that mold can cause allergies, it may overlook this crucial aspect of mold-related health issues.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • Standardized treatment protocols for mold toxicity are offered mostly by Functional/Integrative physicians as the conventional physicians are not on board despite over 20 years of published research. Due to this issue, patients spend precious months/years going from doctor to doctor in the conventional channel with no answers.
  • Though ERMI testing has been accepted in the integrative/functional medical community, there isn't a "gold standard" in mold testing that is universally accepted.
  • Mold symptoms can manifest in vastly different ways depending on the patient.
VA Rosslyn, VA

After understanding the points above, it's no wonder that mold poisoning can be hard to diagnose. Fortunately, integrative and functional holistic medicine providers and wellness centers like Proactive Wellness are flipping the proverbial script. Unlike traditional clinics, our team considers environmental factors that can affect patient health and has advanced training to provide mold poisoning treatment in Rosslyn, VA.

Now that you understand why mold symptoms are so hard to diagnose let's take a closer look at five of the most common indicators of mold sickness.

 Mold Toxicity Symptoms Rosslyn, VA


Fatigue is probably the number one symptom of well over 90% of CIRS patients. The level of fatigue varies from 5 on a 10 point scale all the way to 10 on a 10 point scale. Many patients can no longer work or remain productive as in the worst cases, the fatigue is overwhelming. College students living in moldy dorms frequently have to drop out of school until the illness is treated effectively. Older adults have to retire or stop working due the fatigue. If you have overwhelming fatigue, CIRS may be a major contributor to your illness.

 Mold Poisoning Symtoms Rosslyn, VA

Breathing Problems

Exposure to mold can cause a host of respiratory problems, such as breathing difficulties, allergies, and asthma, especially in individuals with a weakened immune system. Mold can worsen asthma, irritate the nasal passages, lungs, and throat, and lead to symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and nasal congestion. Other health issues such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, sinus congestion, allergic rhinitis, asthma, and allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis have also been associated with mold sickness.

 Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Treatment Rosslyn, VA

Sadness and Depression

Mold can cause a variety of illnesses that can show up in different ways, such as psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, concentration problems, and memory loss. It has been reported that nearly 40% of people who live in moldy homes experience depression. Researchers suggest that exposure to toxic mold and dealing with the physical symptoms of mold illness can contribute to mental health issues.

Due to this phenomenon, many mold patients are given antidepressant medications in the conventional channels.

 Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Symptoms Rosslyn, VA

Feeling "Pins and Needles"

Numbness, twitching, or tingling in the extremities, such as hands, feet, legs, and arms, is another symptom of mold illness. The sensation is similar to pins and needles, which are often felt when the body is held in an uncomfortable position for a long time. While this sensation can indicate serious nerve damage or disease, it can also be a symptom of mold sickness.

CIRS Treatment In Rosslyn Rosslyn, VA

Digestion Problems and Disorders

When exposed to mold, individuals may experience various digestive problems. Some may lose their appetite, leading to unintentional weight loss. Others may suffer from stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Furthermore, the influx of mold spores may trigger systemic inflammation, causing bloating and weight gain due to the digestive system's exposure to harmful mold.

Top Tips for

Controlling Mold in Your Environment

It's not possible to completely eliminate all mold and mold spores from your home or place of work. However, since mold spores need moisture to grow, the best way to prevent or get rid of growth is to reduce the moisture in your environment. If you already have mold growing there, it's important to clean it up and address the issue causing dampness. If you only clean up the mold and don't address the underlying problem, the mold is likely to return.

Here are some tips to help reduce moisture throughout your home or office:

  • Use A/C or Dehumidifiers. This is especially important if you live in a hot, humid area of the United States.
  • Ensure A/C drip pans are clean, dry, and obstruction-free.
  • Thoroughly dry areas that are damp or wet within 48 hours.
  • Be sure to install insulation in cold areas like your home's exterior walls and windows. Doing so will reduce condensation.
  • Work with an HVAC company to check your HVAC system. Doing so can help ensure your unit is removing as much humidity as possible.
  • Keep the humidity in your home below 60% whenever possible.
 CIRS Mold Toxicity Treatment In Rosslyn Rosslyn, VA
 VA Rosslyn, VA

Here are some tips to help reduce moisture in your kitchen:

  • Check for leaks near your ice makers, sinks, and anywhere else water is present.
  • Make sure your exhaust fans are directing moisture outside, not into your attic.
  • If you notice your appliances are causing moisture on windows and other surfaces, turn them off as soon as you're done using them.

Here are some tips to help reduce moisture in crawlspaces:

  • Use a plastic covering on the dirt in your crawlspace. Doing so will prevent moisture from saturating the ground.
  • Ensure that your crawlspace or basement is ventilated well.
  • Check your home's gutters. Make sure they're directing water away from your property, not toward your foundation or crawlspace.

Your Top Choice for

Mold Toxicity Treatment in Rosslyn, VA

Trying to "tough it out" through life with CIRS isn't any way to live. If you're suffering from the effects of biotoxin illness, you should know that there are solutions available to help you reclaim your health and your life. With the help of a can-do attitude, healthy living, and mold illness treatment from Proactive Wellness, there's light at the end of the dark tunnel you're trapped within. Contact our office today to get started on your first step toward recovery!

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Latest News in Rosslyn, VA

New Food Hall to Replace Assembly in Rosslyn

When one food hall closes, another one opens.OK, maybe that isn’t quite the saying, but that’s what’s happening in Rosslyn. Upside on Moore, a new food hall by Arlington native and restaurateur Nick Freshman, will soon take over the former Assembly food hall space at Rosslyn City Center.“There are a lot of reasons why food halls make sense,” says Freshman, whose hospitality consultancy, Mothersauce Partners, also hel...

When one food hall closes, another one opens.

OK, maybe that isn’t quite the saying, but that’s what’s happening in Rosslyn. Upside on Moore, a new food hall by Arlington native and restaurateur Nick Freshman, will soon take over the former Assembly food hall space at Rosslyn City Center.

“There are a lot of reasons why food halls make sense,” says Freshman, whose hospitality consultancy, Mothersauce Partners, also helped develop the concepts for Thompson Italian in Falls Church and a number of other restaurants and bars in the greater DMV. “They’re exceptionally good at placemaking. A food hall is like a smaller version of a stadium or museum in that it can really anchor a neighborhood and allow growth to radiate from it.”

Rosslyn, with its dense concentration of residential high-rises and office buildings, is an ideal spot for a food hall, he says, particularly one that’s adjacent to a metro station. Workers are slowly returning to the office, and the neighborhood is home to major businesses such as Nestle USA, Raytheon, Accenture and Deloitte. Soon it will welcome the global real estate giant CoStar Group.

“We’re just as focused on the residential, on the recreational as we are on the commercial,” Freshman adds. “Twelve thousand people live within a six-minute walk from Rosslyn. That’s extraordinary urban density.… They need something to do, they need somewhere fun to go, they need a cool place to hang out.… I think food halls are uniquely positioned to do that.”

He’s definitely riding a trend. There are about 340 food halls nationwide, up from 220 in 2019, and another 127 are under development, according to a recent report from real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield. Some of the restaurant concepts coming to Upside on Moore already have counters at D.C.’s popular Union Market.

But strategically, Upside on Moore will take a different tack from its predecessor. In addition to housing local chef-driven concepts like POTUS-approved Ghostburger, Upside will include some temporary food stalls—what Freshman calls “residencies”—with an ever-changing mix of international food vendors that rotate out every six months.

“Washington is a really global city, and we want to lean on that in our own small way,” he says. “We’ll be able to provide our customers with some variety. As much as people love food halls, they don’t want to see the same thing over and over again.” The first residencies will likely be filled this fall.

In the near term, Upside is aiming to open later this month with six homegrown anchor eateries, a bar and a coffee shop. A new outpost of D.C.-based Ghostburger will be slinging handhelds like the Barbie Girl, a burger topped with provolone cheese, pickled jalapeño, red onion, cabbage, chipotle mayo and arugula.

Also in the mix: a second Arlington location of Stellina Pizzeria, co-owned by pizzaiolos Antonio Matarazzo (an Arlington resident) and Matteo Venini, whose “neo-Neapolitan” pies include options such as the Piccante with house-made spicy sausage, and Cacio & Pepe with three cheeses and toasted black pepper.

Award-winning chef Tim Ma brings two concepts: A spin-off of Union Market’s Laoban Dumplings and a second Arlington location of Lucky Danger, the Chinese-American takeout he owns with fellow chef Andrew Chiou, serving fan favorites like duck fried rice and lo mein.

Rounding out the opening set are La Michoacana, a taqueria, and Kam and 46, a food truck-turned-stall-operator dishing out Hawaiian and Filipino fare.

For a caffeine fix, make a pitstop at Lightning Coffee, named after the Lightning Motor Oil Co. that used to sit in Rosslyn and fueled the neighborhood. Created by Mothersauce, the concept will serve brews from Central American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The Bar at Upside on Moore will offer wine, beer and specialty cocktails curated and created by Elli Benchimol, owner of Apéro, a French restaurant in Georgetown.

“This collection of vendors are people I am close to professionally and personally, which [gives me] confidence that they’re going to be successful operators,” Freshman says. “I think we landed on a mix that offers really compelling variety—really craveable cuisine and craveable brands.”

He believes the combination of small, local concepts and rotating international brands will be the “secret sauce” that makes Upside a winner.

“In building a food hall, you want to find vendors that play well with others,” Freshman says. “We’re sharing our space where we’re sort of competing but not competing. We have to work together.”

The décor of the revamped dining destination also reflects the local community. Mothersauce commissioned DMV artists Marc Pekala and Cory Bernat to design two large-scale murals depicting uniquely Arlington scenes. Fantastical Landscape of Rosslyn and D.C., a sweeping and stylized depiction of the landscape outside the food hall’s doors, is being painted by Andrea Limauro, whose work has appeared in D.C.’s Art Museum of the Americas and the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Vienna, Austria.

Artist Ashley Jaye Williams, who has created art for Google and the Willard InterContinental Hotel, is painting Three Sisters of the Potomac, a depiction of Three Sisters Islands—rocky land masses in the Potomac just west of the Key Bridge.

Each piece will have an accompanying QR code that brings you to a website where you can learn more about the art and artists.

The food hall space will seat about 300 diners indoors, plus another 200 outdoors. Event space on other floors of the 22-story building will allow for catering opportunities for up to 500 people.

Assembly closed its doors March 1, giving Mothersauce Partners just a few weeks to revamp the 30,000-square-foot interior and get an all-new lineup of food stalls up and running.

“Our first plan is limited sleep, extraordinary amounts of caffeine and hope that it all works out,” jokes Freshman. It will be a quick flip, “but the run-up has been months. We’ve actually been in here operating since November.”

Upside on Moore is located at 1700 N. Moore St., Arlington. Food vendors will be open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. The website ( and Instagram (@upsideonmoore) will launch soon.

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NEW: Ghostburger, Stellina Pizzeria, Lucky Danger and more coming to Rosslyn food hall

A food hall in Rosslyn will soon undergo a major transformation.Assembly, the food hall at Rosslyn City Center (1700 N. Moore Street), will be closing on Friday, March 1, a PR rep tells ARLnow. In its place will rise a new food hall called Upside on Moore.All of the existing concepts at Assembly — from the Fog Point oyster bar to Charo’s Taqueria to Big Day Coffee — will close, we’re told. They are set to replaced by ...

A food hall in Rosslyn will soon undergo a major transformation.

Assembly, the food hall at Rosslyn City Center (1700 N. Moore Street), will be closing on Friday, March 1, a PR rep tells ARLnow. In its place will rise a new food hall called Upside on Moore.

All of the existing concepts at Assembly — from the Fog Point oyster bar to Charo’s Taqueria to Big Day Coffee — will close, we’re told. They are set to replaced by Ghostburger, Stellina Pizzeria, Laoban Dumplings, Lucky Danger, Kam and 46, La Michoacana and another coffee shop.

An opening of the revamped food hall is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19.

More from a media advisory:

Treat yourself to President Biden and Vice President Harris’ favorite burger for lunch or grab a Michelin-rated Margherita pizza before hopping on the metro. Meet a few friends for a happy hour of Chef Tim Ma’s famous dumplings or spring rolls and some nostalgic Filipino nachos or host your birthday on the terrace with all your favorite tacos.

The Bar at Upside on Moore will feature wines, beers, and specialty cocktails curated and created by Elli Benchimol of Georgetown darling Apéro. […]

The 30,000 square foot space is operated by DMV born and bred Mothersauce Partners, the hospitality group behind Thompson Italian, City-State Brewing Company, and other favorites in the DC area and beyond. The space features both indoor seating, an outdoor terrace, bar seating, and several conference rooms. The space is fully customizable for private events of all sizes and occasions. The space is fully customizable for private events of all sizes and occasions.

A website and Instagram account for Upside on Moore are expected to launch soon.

Mothersauce Partners was founded by local restaurant and nightlife vet Nick Freshman, who was also behind the recently closed Crystal City cafe The Freshman.

The Washington Business Journal reported in December that the owner of the Metro-adjacent Rosslyn City Center building had tapped Mothersauce Partners “to freshen up the design, branding and concept curation at the food hall.”

The change comes as the lunchtime and happy hour crowd in Rosslyn is expected to swell, with the arrival of another major corporate headquarters. CoStar Group is set to eventually have 650 employees working four-day-a-week in person, in the Central Place building across the street from the food hall.

Before the pandemic, it looked like Rosslyn would be home to three separate food halls. In addition to Assembly, which was opened in 2021 by Chicago-based DMK Restaurants, the neighborhood was slated to get Common Ground and Happy Endings Eatery, both in the Central Place development.

The former never opened and the latter has rebranded as The Happy Eatery, de-emphasizing the food hall concept.

Security Software Firm Genetec Opening Operation Center in Rosslyn

Montreal-based Genetec, which provides business security solutions, is opening a new office and operations center in Rosslyn, Va.The company signed a lease for 9,000 square feet at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, a 31-story office tower owned by Monday Properties.SEE ALSO: Skanska USA Opening 15K-SF Brooklyn Office for Offshore Wind ProjectBuilt in 1985 by ...

Montreal-based Genetec, which provides business security solutions, is opening a new office and operations center in Rosslyn, Va.

The company signed a lease for 9,000 square feet at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, a 31-story office tower owned by Monday Properties.

SEE ALSO: Skanska USA Opening 15K-SF Brooklyn Office for Offshore Wind Project

Built in 1985 by Westfield Realty, which rebranded to Monday Properties in 2002, the 522,000-square-foot building is part of a two-tower development, which also includes 1100 Wilson Boulevard.

Genetec will take part of the 25th floor, which offers views of the Washington, D.C., skyline.

“As a landlord, we are committed to working with the county and Rosslyn BID to continually evolve as a community where people want to work, live and play,” Jennifer Burns, executive vice president of asset management and operations for Monday Properties, told Commercial Observer. “Securing this end user is a testament to our ability to attract dynamic tenants that want flexible, hybrid spaces.”

Genetec will use the space as a functioning security operations center that it calls DCXC.

“We look forward to welcoming channel partners, technology partners, and end users to our flagship experience center in the U.S.,” Kyle Hurt, Genetec’s area vice president for the U.S. and Canada, said in a prepared statement. “Visitors can explore our solutions and collaborate with our on-site team to discover how Genetec best meets their security and operational goals.”

The space will also be used as a learning center for training, partner meeting spaces, and office space for Genetec’s U.S.-based team. The new center is expected to open in October.

“Rosslyn invests in the development and enhancement of critical infrastructure, such as modern office spaces, coworking facilities and connectivity to create an attractive environment for tech and innovation companies,” Burns said. “Not to mention, Rosslyn also offers vibrant public spaces, recreational areas and cultural attractions that contribute to a high quality of life for tech professionals and entrepreneurs.”

The company has similar centers in Montréal, Paris, London, Mexico City and Singapore. In 2022, Genetec increased its headcount by 17 percent, and its U.S. operations continue to grow, according to the company.

Earlier this year, Monday Properties delivered a new 12,000-square-foot conference center and lounge at 1000 Wilson. The property also features boardrooms, lounge space, a rooftop terrace and a catering kitchen, plus 55,000 square feet of on-site retail, including Sfoglina by Michelin-starred chef Fabio Trabocchi.

Genetec was represented by Jill Goubeaux of CBRE, while the landlord was represented by John Wharton of Monday Properties, as well as Yorke Allen, Lee Brinkman, Herb Mansinne and Robert VeShancey of JLL (JLL).

CoStar nears deal to move headquarters from D.C. to Northern Virginia

CoStar Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP) is expected to move its headquarters to Rosslyn, consolidating its presence in Virginia and dealing another blow to downtown D.C.The real estate data giant, which has steadily grown its Virginia operations — most notably in Richmond — even while maintaining its official headquarters in the District, is near ...

CoStar Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP) is expected to move its headquarters to Rosslyn, consolidating its presence in Virginia and dealing another blow to downtown D.C.

The real estate data giant, which has steadily grown its Virginia operations — most notably in Richmond — even while maintaining its official headquarters in the District, is near a deal to acquire the Central Place office tower in Arlington from JBG Smith Properties Inc. (NYSE: JBGS), according to sources familiar with those negotiations.

On Jan. 12, Virginia's State Corporation Commission accepted an application for a certificate of registration to amend the name of a CoStar entity formed in 2020 from CSGP Holdings LLC to CoStar Central Place HQ LLC. That document was signed by Scott Wheeler, CoStar's chief financial officer.

CoStar and Bethesda-based JBG Smith declined to comment.

The expected move represents another big economic development win for Virginia and another loss for D.C., on the heels of Monumental Sports & Entertainment's proposed relocation to Alexandria and Fannie Mae confirming it will cut its lease short at Midtown Center by five years — the mortgage giant has a major office in Reston and the option to relocate its headquarters there.

Representatives with Mayor Muriel Bowser's office and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development were not immediately available for comment.

CoStar, incentivized by a $6.1 million, 10-year tax abatement from the District, relocated its headquarters from Bethesda to D.C. in 2010. It bought 1331 L for $41.25 million that same year, then sold it barely a year later for $101 million, earning a $60 million profit. It has remained at 1331 L, which sold again for $87 million in 2019, under 15-year lease.

Over time, CoStar has moved to greatly expand its presence in the commonwealth, investing hundreds of millions of dollars into its Richmond-area research and operations campus — backed by Virginia incentives — and promising to deliver some 2,000 jobs. The company, which has grown largely through aggressive acquisition of the likes of Loopnet,, and many others, has 5,600 employees and reported $2.18 billion in revenue in 2022, according to Washington Business Journal research.

The JBG Cos. broke ground on the 31-story Central Place residential tower at 1800 N. Lynn St. in April 2014, and the 31-story office tower, then known as the CEB Tower, at 1201 Wilson Blvd. five months later. The two combined delivered nearly 400 residences, 560,000 square feet office, 45,000 square feet of retail and restaurants and a large public plaza to a prime site directly across North Moore Street from the Rosslyn Metro station.

CEB was acquired by Gartner Inc. in 2017, just months before the Central Place office tower delivered. Cushman & Wakefield reported in July that Gartner's entire block of space at Central Place, 317,708 square feet, had hit the sublease market. Gartner had already reduced its office space in the building, having subleased 35,000 square feet across the tower's top two floors to meeting and event space provider Convene.

JBG Smith, meanwhile, has turned virtually all of its attention to the National Landing submarket, where it is the dominant developer and landowner, including for Inc.'s HQ2, the Virginia Tech innovation campus and Monumental Sports' proposed arena, headquarters and entertainment district. In November, JBG Smith sold Rosslyn Gateway, at 1901 and 1911 N. Fort Myer Drive, to Penzance for $52 million.

CoStar and JBG Smith both report fourth-quarter earnings on Feb. 20.

Rosslyn’s newest residential tower nears completion while adjacent hotel slated for late 2025 debut

The facade of the new 36-story Hilton in Rosslyn is nearing completion but it could be nearly two years before the hotel welcomes its first guests.Meanwhile, the project’s residential counterpart, Rosslyn Towers, is close to being done, with new tenants expected to move in within a few months, the developer tells ARLnow.“We are excited to open Rosslyn Towers at The Key this spring,...

The facade of the new 36-story Hilton in Rosslyn is nearing completion but it could be nearly two years before the hotel welcomes its first guests.

Meanwhile, the project’s residential counterpart, Rosslyn Towers, is close to being done, with new tenants expected to move in within a few months, the developer tells ARLnow.

“We are excited to open Rosslyn Towers at The Key this spring,” said Greg Raines, a spokesperson for Dittmar Company, the developer of The Key.

While there is no firm data yet, Raines said the plan is to start leasing the 500+ apartments in the Rosslyn Towers building, at 1900 N. Fort Myer Drive, by April 1.

Dittmar’s goal for the 331-room hotel is to hold a grand opening sometime in the last three months of 2025, says Raines.

“We are excited to deliver both properties as we believe both are best in class and are exciting additions to Rosslyn, Arlington, and the surrounding [D.C.] area,” he said.

In September 2019, the Arlington County Board approved plans redevelop the 18-story, 50-year-old Rosslyn Holiday Inn with a residential tower of up to 25 stories and a hotel with up to 38 stories, with 37,000-foot conference center and 14,000 square feet of retail. The former hotel came down in a well-documented controlled implosion.

In 2021, the Arlington County Board approved a site plan amendment to adjust the hotel’s square footage to accommodate more parking and conference space, and increase the number of residential units from 523 to 536.

Dittmar said it would provide a cash contribution of $215,000 to the Affordable Housing Investment Fund to offset the requested additional density, per a 2021 county report.

One year later, Hilton announced it had signed an agreement to run the high-rise hotel.

While the residential tower looks finished, construction crews were still putting final touches on the exterior of the hotel when ARLnow visited the site yesterday (Tuesday). Last month, the company submitted applications for elevator and fire inspection permits, according to county records.

Dittmar also plans to share details regarding a new “destination restaurant” below the residential tower in the coming weeks, says Raines.


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