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Who Are the Best Candidates for Gainswave Therapy in Mantua, VA?

If you’re a man over the age of 30 and have been searching high and low online using phrases like “ED clinic near me” GAINSWave may be for you. That’s even more true if other treatments never worked. For many men, those unsuccessful solutions include pills like Viagra. If prescription pills don’t solve your ED problems, GAINSWave is a great option to consider. Academic studies show that shockwave therapy is successful where PDE5 inhibitors (like Cialis) fall short.

In fact, many urologists now consider shockwave therapy the greatest revolution in ED treatment in over a decade. Even men without erectile dysfunction use GAINSWave as a preventative therapy to keep their bedroom performance strong and avoid compromised blood vessels.

Some of the key benefits of GAINSWave procedures over other ED treatments include:

  • No Drugs
  • Backed by Clinical Studies and Extensive Medical Research
  • Vast Record of Success
  • FDA-Approved for Enhanced Sexual Wellness
  • Available at Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC

What Should I Expect from GAINSWave Therapy at Proactive Wellness Centers?

If you’re ready to begin your journey to a healthier, happier sex life, getting started at our wellness clinic is as easy. There’s no need to look up “ED treatment near me in Mantua, VA” online – all you’ve got to do is follow this three-step process.


Make an Appointment: Give our office a call at (703) 822-5003. One of our Clinical Intake Coordinators will answer any question you have and get you started. If you prefer, you can text “gainswave” to 833.341.0170, and our Clinical Intake Coordinator will get back to you personally and confidentially.


Prep: Once the intake process is complete, any needed blood work is returned, and your initial appointment with Dr. Lawson is complete, you’ll schedule a time for GAINSWave therapy. You’ll arrive at our wellness center for treatment at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. Procedure time is usually no longer than 30 minutes and occurs in our wellness center.


Enjoy the Benefits: Once your GAINSWave therapy session is over, you can get right back to what you were doing beforehand. Studies show that approximately 75% of men enjoy positive results like stronger, longer-lasting erections after treatment. Most men only need 6-12 sessions for optimal results.

Other Treatments and Programs from Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC

As the premier wellness clinic in Virginia and the metro D.C. area, we provide patients with a comprehensive list of treatments to slow the process of aging and treat chronic conditions. Our vision is to provide the latest in scientifically-validated therapies for reversing the aging process, preventing chronic disease, and optimizing health.

Some of the most requested services we offer include:

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Like men, women’s bodies change as they grow older. Often referred to as menopause, this time in a woman’s life can be stressful when the body uses energy differently, fat cells change, and hormones decline.

Many of the common symptoms and conditions associated with menopause are widely known and discussed, but there are many that are overlooked. At Proactive Wellness Centers, we’ve seen patients misdiagnosed with other illnesses that were actually caused by a decline in hormone levels. Our BHRT program for women focuses on the unique needs of women who are suffering from the common as well as the lesser-known symptoms of menopause.

Those symptoms may include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • UTIs
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Weight Gain
  • Indigestion
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertigo
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Fatigue
  • More
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What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are also known as natural hormones. They are substances with the same chemical makeup as the hormones produced in your body. Hormones are not drugs – they occur naturally and are found in every human on earth. BHRT replaces hormones at a physiologic level that is not harmful to the body.

If you’re suffering through the symptoms of menopause, taking Midol isn’t going to solve any problems. Fortunately, our BHRT program for women is designed to eliminate many menopausal symptoms. That way, we give women a chance to recapture their energy levels and vitality with drugs or surgery. Contact our office today to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and how it can help you recapture the joys of your youth.

Bredesen-Protocol Strategies for Improving Brain Health

We believe that a healthy brain is paramount to overall well-being. Unfortunately, little is known about promoting brain health, lowering the risk of dementia, or stabilizing symptoms for patients experiencing early signs.

After much research, however, Dr. Lawson from Proactive Wellness Centers determined that the Bredesen protocol provides the best evidence-based approach to diagnosing and treating cognitive decline.

The approach, created by Dr. Dale Bredesen, is called ReCODE. This protocol involves multiple strategies to pinpoint specific health issues contributing to Alzheimer’s Disease. The results of each strategy are measured using blood tests, dementia tests, cognitive evaluations, and other signs of overall health improvement. Now a Bredesen Certified doctor, Dr. Lawson now offers patients the full Bredesen ReCODE protocol to help them recover from debilitating illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Through this exciting approach, patients have shown dramatic improvements in cognitive function. In some cases, they achieve a reversal of symptoms and have even returned to work.

Proactive Wellness Centers’ ReCODE program uses significant functional medicine experience and includes:

  • Lifestyle Interventions
  • Targeted Nutrients
  • Therapeutic Diets

We’re thrilled to add this promising Alzheimer’s disease treatment for qualifying patients at Proactive Wellness Centers.

 Peyronie\'s Disease Mantua, VA

Chronic Disease Treatment

Long-term diseases like Lyme disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) can ruin a person’s life and often leave them afraid to leave the house. To make matters worse, these chronic diseases are often initially misdiagnosed, complicating treatment and leaving the patient depressed and hopeless. And while some medical prescriptions can help, many chronic disease sufferers live without finding true relief.

At Proactive Wellness Centers, our innovative doctors have developed a comprehensive treatment program to address chronic diseases like CIRS and Lyme disease. Generally, our Chronic Disease Treatment follows SSRP protocols as defined below:

  • Stop the progression of the disease while strengthening the immune system
  • Stabilize patients by balancing hormones and restoring energy
  • Reverse cellular, mitochondrial, and other damages caused by chronic diseases, based on lab markers and/or symptomatic expression
  • Prevent further development of the chronic disease processes

Our SSRP protocol provides patients with a promising program based largely on the emerging bodies of evidence in the chronic disease space. This evidence is supported by peer-reviewed medical journals, clinical studies, and even double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

 Gainswave Treatment Mantua, VA

When choosing chronic disease treatments for patients, our team of doctors and clinicians focus on safety and efficacy before anything else. Typical therapies associated with our chronic disease treatment programs include:

  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Targeted Nutritional Supplements
  • Compassionate Care and Personalized Service from Qualified Doctors

As an integrative practice, we use conventional medications when indicated, especially in cases of underlying co-infections and other areas where traditional medication offers the best course of treatment.

If you're at your wit's end living with a chronic disease, call Proactive Wellness Centers today. Our innovative treatments and therapies may be the key you need to unlock a new, healthy life.

Achieve Your Wellness Goals at Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC

If you haven’t been successful finding a compassionate, highly-trained doctor for erectile dysfunction using terms like “ED clinic near me in Mantua, VA,” don’t give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it begins at Proactive Wellness Centers. From GAINSWave therapy to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women, our doctors are here to serve you with care, compassion, and a commitment to your health.

That’s because, at Proactive Wellness Centers, we take a patient-first approach to every service we offer. Unlike some anti-aging clinics, we focus on your goals, your experiences, and how we can address your health and well-being needs. We believe with a full heart that your story matters, and we’re ready and waiting to listen. If you’re looking for personalized, functional, regenerative treatments that address root causes, you’re only a phone call away from living a healthier life.

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